Bank Vault Box

by atb614 Aug 24, 2019
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I made it for my son as a "treasure chest." Thank you for sharing.

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Why is there no Zip file with all the STLs in it? This was uploaded over a week ago.

Hi Mark, the zip file should now be uploaded and available for download

That's great. But the point of my question was that the system should make the zip automatically, and it didn't. Thingiverse is so broken

How must i assemble this?

Printed it for testing with 50% Scale...

Dude. You absolutely KILLED it with this model. Kudos. I had to print this as soon as I saw it.
Got anything else up your sleeve?

are there any videos of the assembly?

The included STL's worked. I did not need the Fusion file. I had to file the tracks a little bit, but super glued everything together and Voila! it works beautifully. Thank you!

Also discovered a little trick. Super glue doesn't stick or set particularly well on PLA. If you huff on it like your would fogging up glasses (moisture) it sets much faster.

Awesome! Thanks for the tip, I've never been able to get my super glue to set super fast and this worked. As for the fusion file, I just included that for anyone who wants to modify or just check out my design process, as there were a couple of people on reddit who wanted it.

I can't wait to play around with different sizes for different things. And because he so graciously provided Fusion files, maybe I'll try a remix too! Great model!

The Bank_box_v9 is in Fusion 360 file format. I am lucky to have a copy, but some might not. Can you add the STL? Thanks for uploading BTW, I am already printing this.

Thats's weird, it says the stl's are uploaded, but I will re-upload everything and see if that fixes it.

So the STL's here don't work or are not the latest? Why did he upload only the Fusion file and not the updated STL's?

I uploaded the STL, find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3828775 I printed the all the files in the original post except the body. The lid works great with no sanding of filing. I used Fusion 360 to make the Body V.9 into the STL. I am currently printing the body. In Simplify3d, it looked like it was going to be a good fit.

Body V.9 for Bank vault box (3827611) by atb614
by Nuke314

I respect that he uploaded Fusion files too, since it's such a pain in the a** to edit STLs if you wanna make changes or make remix.
I have started to hate STL more lately, cause you can't make objects fully round since it's made of triangles.

Awesome design, looking forward to printing one this week.