SKR Pro 1.1 Case

by blindmoe Aug 26, 2019
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what if anything are you using for your display?

I have had it working with both the standard reprap display and the TFT35. Right now there is no display setup on the machine though, I run this for my CNC machine and have CNCJs on a dedicated computer attached to the machine.

I plan on using it on a MNPC too, with octoprint and the TFT35...looking at my options

If you are using OctoPrint I think you will find that you will probably never use your display. I have many displays sitting in a box that I don't use any more since my MPCNC uses CNCJs and my 3d printer has a duet wifi which uses a web interface as well. Haven't used the screen on either in over a year. The TFT35 seems to be a pain and doesn't offer any functionality you would not get with OctoPrint ( in fact it offers much less )

Thanks! This is my favorite case for the SKR Pro 1.1. It's compact and the openings for the ports and connectors are great and make it easy to plug in wires. I tried another case and it was horrible as it didn't have room for fan wires on the side or heater wires, and didn't have room for the wifi module. This one fits everything just fine and the cooling options are great.

Also, if you have any suggestions for improvements please let me know. I am currently running the endstop wires out of the hole on the side where the duct vents out but might make a version with plugs in the case so I can disconnect / reconnect them without having to open the case. My end goal is to make it so I can unplug everything ( minus power and heater wires ) without having to open the case.

One suggestion I have would be to have the screws on the top. I do like the aesthetics of the screws on the side and it seems very well thought out, however where I have my case positioned it doesn't have clearance on both sides so it makes it difficult to access on one side.

I had initially designed the case to have the screws going down from the top but when I added all the slots in for the wiring I realized that it would be much easier to 3D print if the case was split at the openings. I also wanted to be able to separate the two halves in a clamshell type of arrangement to make it easier for my aviation plug wiring. The current design makes it so no support is needed and the two halves have roughly the same printing time. I am still learning Fusion360 and need to learn how to properly structure the project to have multiple tops so I am not overwriting changes on one to make changes to another. I will think about a way to move the screw to either the top or the bottom for a new version but also need to keep in mind the screw lengths that will be needed ( probably 60mm ) and the strength of the screw posts due to layer direction and layer adhesion.

Thank you very much for the kind words. I printed out a few iterations and finally came to the conclusion that I needed the extra space. I just got my MPCNC wired up using the aviation connectors and I love it. I will post some more pics of it soon. Hopefully thingiverse plays nicely and actually shows the pics / stl renderings sometime soon.