Star Hopper - Spacex

by Lucas_Ribeiro Aug 27, 2019
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Is it possible to have an FBX export with the all the components separated into different meshes? I really love this model and would like to use it with correct texturing and colors in a mobile application, with all the CC Attribution.

I made the conversion to .fbx, (it is available in the download) but I don't know if it was good, I let the .step available, if you want to do the conversion by another program (made by fusion 360).
let me know if it helped you :)

Nice work. This is the best model I've found of Star Hopper. However, the tank section and legs are exported as a low poly STL and the facets ruin the nice job you did. Can you export the STL at a high resolution, or make the Fusion360 available, or export a STEP file? Thanks for making this available.

hello, I resubmitted the files in higher quality and marked them with the ending "_HD", also made available the .STEP files

Thank you! I'm using the STEP files to cut the model up for hopefully cleaner printing.