Camel Up Player Organizer

by kap42 Sep 5, 2019
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Works great! I printed my first couple (for sleeved cards) this morning, more -- in different colors -- are in the works.

For a version 2 I'd consider making the cover a tad smaller for a tighter fit, right now it's a loose fit, if you hold it upside down, the inner piece with the cards etc will slip out.

I also noticed that both in Cura and FlashPrint the bottom of the cover has a small slit. Nothing of structural significance and I could have fixed it in Meshmixer but I couldn't be bothered as it works fine the way it is.

I found and fixed the small slit, and uploaded a fixed version.

When I print the cover on my Flashforge Finder, it's a very, very tight fit. Almost too tight. I'm printing a couple of test versions on other printers right now. It'll be interesting to see if the cover is loose or not.

Also, I uploaded the rack that is designed for the larger cases.

Loving it!

However, I do have sleeved cards (70 x 47 mm). I just pulled up my 3d design software to create a remix but then I thought, hey, you offered to create a version for sleeved cards anyway, and you have all the design files, so it's probably a lot faster for you to do that than for me starting from scratch.

I got some spare time, so I made a version for sleeved cards. I only made the case and the player items (I'll fix the case holder tomorrow). I found some sleeves for my cards, they are a bit bigger than the measurements of yours. Mine sleeves felt very thin, so I hope that thicker sleeves will fit.

Give it a try and let me know if they work for you.

[Can't see my reply posted, with everything going on with Thingiverse right now, no surprise, so here goes again]

Thanks! I did a quick and dirty print and they look great, Good fit in width and height, about 2 or 3 mm too long but not problem. The tile compartment is about 5 mm longer than needed so the tile moves around but who cares,it's held in place by the cards above it anyway.

Great! My sleeves are a bit longer, which accounts for the extra 2 mm :-)

I'll upload the rack during the day. My test is printing right now...


Sure, no problem. I'll fix one in the next couple of days.