Awesome customizable mast plug

by torkel_b Sep 9, 2019
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When it comes to getting the bed hot enough to print ABS, I made a couple additions to my Geeetech version of the Prusa I3. I insulated the bottom side of the print-bed heater with some bubble wrap, and corrugated cardboard. On the print bed, my printer uses a piece of glass clipped to the heated plate. To reduce the heat loss on the top side, I cut some pieces of cereal box type cardboard and hold it in place with the clips. You have to adjust the top side insulation to clear the object being printed and the path of the nozzle from the park position to the print. All in all, it allows me to get the print bed to 103C in about 20 minutes, and hold it there during the print. Covering the bed with a loose piece of cardboard minimizes the time to get to operating temp. I use a mix of water and white glue on the print bed, but I find it has to be reasonably fresh when printing ABS. Once it gets cooked several times, it looses its ability to hold down that squirmy ABS.

Turning the fan off is a necessity as well as using a brim on many objects, and minimizing drafts in the room. Even covering the bed with loose pieces of cardboard near the print object can be helpful, once the print head is high enough to allow it. Putting the printer in a heated enclosure would be ideal, but not worth the effort for the amount of ABS I expect to print.

About the only good thing I can think of about ABS is that is easy to patch and reinforce using a slurry made with ABS filament scraps and Acetone. I have close to 1.5 KG of ABS remaining, and it is probably going to last longer than I will.

That's interesting about openSCAD. I have used it to adjust models others have created, but have never had the patience to learn how to design with it.

As you said: ".... I would have chosen ABS if I ever will be able to tune my printer for it!"

In my experience ABS is and has always been a PIA to print with. I use High Temp PLA (specifically 3D850) when high temperature or contact with food is a factor.

That's an interesting Thing that you made; I had to take a closer look because I didn't have a clue what it was used for from only the name.

I will try to print ABS with nozzle cooling fan set to 0%, maybe that will work better. I also have big problems to get my base plate hot enough, it literally takes forever to reach 90 degrees C.
Regarding the plug, some sails have a pin in the top so the plug has to be hollow, this fits my smallest 4.10 sail. In the openscad customizer interface you can toggle a flag to use the hole or not but that parameter isn't visible in the thingiverse customizer. I recommend downloading openSCAD och fiddle with it instead.