Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Science Fiction Dungeon. Fast to Print, Easy to Store

by Shingen25 Sep 9, 2019
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Hi, thanks for good word.

The shortest answer to your question is yes and no.

I have printed prototype with two slots on both sides, but it inceased print time without any real gains, in my mind at least.
As for the halfwalls I've never thought about them. Designing connector between what we have now and halfwall is very easy (all parts are already published), I just never planned to creare halfwalls, what you need them for?

I was thinking half-height walls could be used like the railings on the walkway and rooftops of this set:

I guess I'm thinking the walls you designed don't have to be interriors... they could be fences, or damaged sections of full height walls.

Oh, yes, right.
Catwalks are first on my to do list for this project, and with catwalks come railings, so stay tuned.

You may also want to check my other designs as they are mostly inspired by Neon Lotus set of cardboard terrain, and this set is also going to get new designs soon. There are no freestanding railings there but there are some attached to the buildings.

I really like the idea and goals of this project. Have you considered doubling up the connectors so you could have a half-height wall?