PLA Heart Gears for Replicator 2

by whpthomas Dec 20, 2012
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Thanks for this - all went well on the print. I highly recommend the video (mentioned earlier on "Comments") for assembly!

I found that putting white lithium grease in the holes and around the pegs greatly eases the turning of these pieces.

Did you print this with supports or no supports?

in the last pic it was a bad print

mmmmh IMPOSSIBLE to assemble, bad work...


I still had some trouble building it however this helped immensely and it did work eventually!

Start with the top small gear, then align the big bulbousy one to that, then get the two flat large gears aligned so that they work (they are NOT the same!) then the one small large gear... anyways watch the video i really cant explain it better than he does.

Hi - can you clarify which sides get the long pins and which get the short pins? thanks.

small in small face, large in large face. not that complicated...

Perfect this iz exactly what I needed to show in my class

Modify the core ... and why not make all pins of the same size?

Why complicate things.

I know right?????

Hi whpthomas,

I just wanted to suggest a minor thing:
If you assorted the plate1 like you did assort plate2 (higher objects in the middle, lower ones around them) you would save quite some time, as the way your printhead has to travel in the higher z-direction reduces ;)

What do you think? :)


I thought it was just me having problems with the original. Thanks for this!
I printed a new core and one of the long pins, but it's not going into the hole. Just feels too big. Any recommendations?

nice very nice... but.... help i do not understood how to assemble it!!

Where did you get that color PLA?

Would it be possible to upload each, individual file?

How do you open the SFX file? I'm having a lot of problems with it.

Anyone have suggestions for printing these? I've tried halfing my speeds, removing perimeters, printing solid, etc, and every time, having problems with curling, parts coming loose from the bed etc. I'm printing on a Makergear Mosaic, 0.35mm nozzel, at 200C with a heated bed of glass at 60C. Probably going to try a raft next, but any suggestions would be very welcomed.

Hi, I don't know if your experiencing the same problem that I had, but in my case the printer nozzle was pushing my build plate ever so slightly down (no matter how I calibrated it if it was to high it wouldn't adhere, and the slight adjustment between the two still slightly pushed the build platform down). I ended up putting 3d printed supports between the build plate and the frame work of my makerbot rep 2. Curling problems have been significantly reduced and I can still calibrate my build platform even with them in. Hope this helps.

i cant get the pins to print on my rep 2 at all, what profile do you use for plate 2?

Are you using Makerware or ReplicatorG - when you say you can't get them to print, what exactly do you mean?

I have attempted these only in Makerware, although Im starting to switch everything over to your repG profiles. What happens is that it struggles to lay down the first layer and bunches up almost as soon as it starts. Maybe speed is the issue?

Are there assembly instructions?

Awesome Fix. Great job to the both of you (emmett and whpthomas)

Thanks, this was on my list of stuff to do, and now I can scratch it off.

My pleasure Emmett - thanks for sharing the Heart gears in the first place ;) I have made another set of PLA pins for your gear cube which I will post shortly.