Print In Place Adjustable Filament Sample Spool

by SubSite Sep 15, 2019
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I like the Idea but the Diameter of the inner Circle is to small to fit on my Filler Spool Holder i need at least an inner Diameter of 6cm for it :/

That's weird, I have spools from lots of different manufacturers, and almost all have the same diameter as this one (close to 52 mm). I don't have a single spool that's more than 55 mm. I tested opening the Filler (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3020026 ) in the slicer and it looks like it should fit easily. See screenshot.

Filler - The Customizable Filament Holder that fills your printer!

any way to increase the gap in the hinge? I don't think my printer has tolerances tight enough to not fuse the hinge together. =(

Yes, you are not the first one with that problem. The tolerance is 0.2 mm, but I upload a version with increased gap in the hinge. Have you done a tolerance test for your printer to see where the limit goes?

Thank you for this. But i had a hard time printing it because it has errors (see pic)
can you please fix those and reupload it?

Oh, no! Which slicer is that? I only use PrusaSlicer, and that one says "Manifold: Yes" and prints just fine, so I'm not sure how to debug it. But I'll try to fix it.

interesting. It's S3d 4.1.2. I'll try something else.

update: i checked in meshmixer and it gives similar errors

which CAD did you use to design it?

Fusion 360. It's getting pretty late in this part of the world, I'll have to continue solving this tomorrow. Thanks for reporting this error!

The support seems to be the problem, the three files without support have no errors.

But it´s easy to remove all errors with the "3D Builder" within Windows 10. For me its faster and easier than MeshMixer.

Great design, i´ll print it this weekend.

Thank you guys for reporting this, I fixed the files and uploaded new versions. I don't have S3D so I can't test if it works, but please report back if there's still errors.

Thank you, it looks good now. maybe worth updating the main description to make clear all the single files are now.