Customizable LEGO compatible Text Bricks

by Lyl3 Sep 18, 2019
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Hi, sorry if I missed it, but what % infill do you use? Thanks for making such a cool project, my kids will love it!

I generally print with 15% infill and this is no exception. However, there is so little infill that it doesn't really matter much. The only infill areas are the studs, everything else is all walls or roofs.

Thanks so much for your fast reply! Appreciate it

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Great design!

Would it be possible to add an option to choose Lego- or Duplo-sized bricks?

Having an option to create Duplo bricks is a great suggestion. If I can find the exact specifications I will add that capability.

It looks like they're the same as LEGO bricks except twice the size in all three dimensions and have hollow studs. So the customizer can already create Duplo-sized bricks by simply doubling all of the LEGO dimensions, but they won't have the hollow studs. The hollow studs are required to make them compatible with LEGO bricks because the under-tube of a LEGO brick has to fit inside the hollow stud of a Duplo brick.

With Big Brick (TM) coming after creators, I'm surprised this is still up!

This is a great design. No elephant's foot at all, and I'm printing PLA on a Tronxy XY-2.


A 2010 ECJ ruling found that the classic LEGO brick was not protectable by trademark. Protection was granted for the minifigures though, and of course the LEGO logo itself is protected, so I suspect those were probably the targets of any takedown notices.

hola amigo una pregunta para crear otra cosas que sea compatible con lego que me recomiendas

No sé si esto es lo que estás preguntando, pero sí, estos ladrillos son compatibles con los ladrillos normales de Lego.

Hablo inglés, pero usé Google Translate para darte esta respuesta :)

undertube looks great, I can put it on anything ... but the stud does not work for me (MK3S), nothing will hold on that, experimenting with STUD_DIAMETER now ...

I'm having trouble with the top of the blocks as well, nothing will join securely to the top. I have dialed the tolerance all the way down to 0 and still not good. Printing on an Ender 3 and slicing with Cura 4.3. Are there any print settings that might help? How do you experiment with stud diameter, I don't see a parameter for that?

Hi, I created a bunch of files (see attachment), printed them all and tested which one works with my printer and the current filament :) R.

That's surprising that the studs aren't big enough. You don't have horizontal expansion set to a negative value in Cura, do you? Since the dimensions are accurate, I guess maybe your printer is under-extruding, so you could try setting the flow a little higher, or set the horizontal expansion to a positive value.

Horizontal Expansion is set to 0 except for the first layer. I think I might be under extruding a little lately, I'll play around a bit more

I went into the code and found the STUD_DIAMETER variable and increased it from 4.8 to 4.9 and now everything fits well.

Printing on an Ender 3 and slicing with Cura 4.3

There's a tolerance parameter for adjusting the fit. I had the same problem with the first few versions, but after I added the tolerance parameter I got a perfect fit.