Folding Coat Hanger

by tilden Jul 7, 2014
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Not printable. Tried printing the arms, but it's not entirely flat on surface. Failed twice before I realised that my slicer indicated that most of the arm body only starts printing at about layer 8. Ie. Prints in mid air and messes all over.

I've updated the body and arm files and I'm trying to upload them now, try "cura" as it automatically drops the stl into the correct position, and you can move them around the printer bed and add what stl's you want to print :).

This is not printable you have to cut stuff away:

Bigger Part cut at 1.4

Smaller inside Part cut at 1.6

Shame looks like a good design...

Will try to print and report back

I don't understand what you mean ?, try printing it without support.

Is there a stl that has everything in one build already put together?

The arms are rotated about ~.75 degrees off in version 1.1 on the Z axis. It makes the arms print at an angle and makes the brim unable to print on most of the arm. I rotated it .7 degrees and it seemed to work fine then.

The latest update should fix the problem.

I confirm that. Also the body is not even (bended).
UPD. In Simplify3d it is possible to separate 3 parts of the body and then do Place surface on Bed for each

Thank you very much great great idea

merci beaucoup^facilement imprimable et super pratique la solidité à l'aire d’être au rendez-vous

I'm glad you liked it.

Updated with smoother edges in version 1.1 19/02/2016

the body works really well

Awesome, absolutely awesome!

Comments deleted.

Any way to make the body fit a printrbot metal? its just a tad bit. long, and ive already printed the ends so i cant scale it down.

Have you tried rotating 45 degrees in your slicer to get maximum use out of your print bed (corner to corner) ?.
What are the dimensions of your print bed ?

Yeah I tried rotating it. Still a tad bit big.
The bed is 150mmx150x150.

Wow that must be close (212 mm cnr to cnr and the print is 202mm, I'll draw your printbed in and see if I can trim any off and make it fit the arms as they are.

I've rotated the arms to make it fit and uploaded the extra file, it will reduce the strength in the main body a bit and might need a little clean up with a sharp knife, if you print it without support, I'd recommend about a 10mm brim so it cannot break off the bed when it gets toward the top of the print.
Let me know how you go as I haven't tried it like this.

That worked great! Thanks for taking the time and making the modification for me!

Thanks! I will try it out and let you know.

I'm glad I could help, if you get a chance could you upload a pic, I'd like to see it.