Customizable Case (Compartment)

by walter Jul 7, 2014
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does this work with PLA?

I love this but I can´t make the label working. I did add write to library but still nothing. What I´m doing wrong?

Has someone printed this thing with nozzles 0.6 or similar?
i'm printing with a PETG traslucent, and with 0.4 nozzle the prints are very well, but with bigger nozzles (0.6, 0.8) the print quality gets significantly worse despite the temperature, bed and fan parameters being the same.

Has anyone else had the same problem?

I downloaded the Pheobe 4 case and scaled it up in Repetier and the lid doesn't fit. Is that because I scaled it instead of using the customizer?

What scale factor did you use for the fishing lure cases? They seem rather small by default.

It was printed at the default scale, the lures in the picture are really small. I don't think the STL will work well if scaled too much, but you can use the "Open in Customizer" button to generate one at any size.

Very nice design. It prints well and looks great. What program did you use to design it and create such great results?

Thanks! It was made in OpenSCAD, you can download the .scad file to see how it was made.

Amazing! I cant wait to print it! THANK YOU!

Amazing, I love this! I think I see one tiny glitch, adding a tab on the lid obscures the text since the cube for the tab hull appears to start at the center of the lid. This appears to fix the position of the cube in the hull, but I have not tried all possible values.
or just change the assemble order, so the tab is there when the difference is taken to cut out the letters.

Oops, you're right, that should be fixed now, Thanks!

I just made another test box with a tab=3 and a text label, I'm having trouble with the lid.
I highlighted the Hull that is used for the tab.

lable+tab - test box

Sorry, please try again, looks like I didn't update the file properly, the old version was still there. The version with the fix should be "Divided Case v1-1.scad".

that's working great, thanks.

Incredible quality works as always Walter! Thanks for sharing!!