Open Source Robotic Arm

by oomlout Mar 23, 2009
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hello, looking at your robotic arm, I thought you might like this project, "magic lamp completely made of pla from 3d printers capable of making objects by hanging them with white light who wants can make it by downloading the plastics from https: //www.thingiverse. com / thing: 2485914 and asking for instructions at infoq3d.it or waiting for it to come out in the tiger shops in this case you can book on the site at the price of $ 99 "

You couldn't put a couple more pictures up showing how to put this together? I cut the pieces but i'm having a hard time figuring out how to assemble. Could use a little (lot) more detail :|

Hi; nice work..thank you for sharing.. could you upload arduino source code?

I am new to the whole arduino and programming world. Could you give us a little information on what software you are using to control this? Do you have any sketch's you are willing to publish?

Hi, thanks for the interesting project. I just finished assembling my arm, however, I haven't been able to make out what you are using as rollers to help support the base. I see in the photo you have something there but it isn't mentioned in the instruction. Thanks again.

Hi i4lingual;

Lovely to hear that you've made one and hope it's working well.

We used acorn nuts as the 'rollers' to support the base.

Could this be used as a haptic device like Sensible's "Phantom" products?  http://www.sensable.com/industries-application-development.htmhttp://www.sensable.com/indust...

Whoops, I mean "Sensable".  Here's a video of it in use for 3D sculpting:  


Do the servos that you recommended (the ones in the links you gave) come with the hardware to mount the servo arms to the acrylic? if not where can I get it 

hi ofcourse i'll give it a try, where i can find like a tutorial or an ensamble guide...?? in the diagram are A LOT of pieces!! XD

thanks in advance

For inverse kinematic you might be interested in OpenRAVE, a GPLed robot simulation engine:


Regarding the gripper, the original Tomy (later Radio Shack) Armatron used a simple and effective gripper, and any number of Lego parts would also work well, IMHO.

Не плохо) Максимум сколько такой робот может поднять веса?

Your project is fantastic. But i think there would be a way of putting almost all servos in the base and using straps and pulleys like in some real robotic arms. This would make the arm much lighter. If I give it a try, i swear i'll share it with you.

any issue with using 1/4" or .22 thick acrylic or polycarb?

it may be too heavy, but then again i have no idea. give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

No need to sweat the math, ooom, that's already in the can. Hike over to EMC2, aka http://www.LinuxCNC.orgwww.LinuxCNC.org, for the open-source Enhanced Machine Controller. I'm just a lurker and noob over there, but they have kinematics totally covered. See "EMC2 5 axis" on YouTube.

Very very nice! thanks!

I ordered via Poulou

oomlout, we miss you already!!! convince your girl to move to NYC next =)

Did you ever thought about using the Wii Remote with Infrared Lights Mounted to the Arm Joints? Instead of touch etc. sensors.

Hey zach, can this be used for reprap???

possibly. our extruder is pretty heavy and the robot arm probably doesn't have the precision we need.

that said, i'd LOVE to see a reprap that consists of a robot arm holding an extruder.