Blower Fan Duct for 50mm Fan

by darco Jul 7, 2014
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Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing! I've got one of your fan ducts now.

Hi! Nice duct! I printed one and blower fit into it. But how it should be fitted to blower? Using glue or is any better method?

Nice. Is that the standard height Kossel effector you're using it with? Would you mind posting the STL for the (red) mounting bracket shown? Thanks.

Nice design but don't you lose too much print space with the fan attached like this?

With how my printer is designed, no, I don't lose any print space. There is nothing for the fan to bump up against, it just ends up sticking out of the front of the printer.

Some clearance is needed in front of the printer, but for me that isn't a big deal.

do you see a big difference with and without the spout?

Yes, print quality improved significantly, especially for bridges and on narrow parts taking >20 sec per layer.

have you tried printing something like this


i have tried twice and i get a lot of droopy loops .. I will try again with this duct

Cellular Lamp

Heh, no, but that does seem like a part-cooling stress test. ????

Looks fun, I might try printing it.

Oh cool! Having a look at http://i.imgur.com/X6wk9QW.jpg , it looks like the duct you are using isn't the one I designed. Any feedback on why you chose the duct you did? Does your duct design work better? If there is a better design, I might go with that instead, myself. :P

I also noticed that your effector looks like it might be http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:361480! If so, would you mind posting a "Make" picture for it? It makes me happy. :P

Improved hot-end platform for 3DR Simple
by darco

i redesigned the fan holder for a j-head and the duct is made out of expanded polystrene beacuse i was testing various shapes on the fly... In conclusion i did find a optimum design but i didnt get time to make a 3d model of it... will do it when i find time