RepRap Touch TFT LCD (mini pronterface style)

by MarcoAntonini Dec 21, 2012
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hola buenas noches, felicitarte por el aporte y estoy interesado en ponerla en un prusa i3 tengo dudas ...primero donde compraste el lcd y la otra seria tocar el marlin estable 1.0.2-1 y no estoy muy ducho con los códigos entiendo el marlin a nivel usuario y asta conseguí conectar el autoleving soy muy apañado ...a ver si me puedes enseñar el camino un poco...gracias

I just started this, and on my ramps, I am using the Z+ for my z axis limit switch, Can I still connect LCD TX to the z+ pin? is it ok to spice them together?
Or is there another place on the ramps board I can connect, the LCD TX to?
Also thank you for sharing this, it looks like it going to be a fun project..

Hi there i'm a informatics engeener student and i would like to help to adapt this screen to latest marlin firmware. Please could you tell me how can I install the interface that emulates the pronterface. And could anyone sell me one of this screens?
Please write me to alvarotorijano@gmail.com. I speak Spanish too. Better.

hi. exactly what pins do i need to connect to my ftf display?

is there a pinout diagram showing ramps to tft display


where find this version of pronterface, for small screen?

Please lets make this project alive !!

Needs updates for new marlin or repetier! :)

has anyone tried to get this to work with a delta printer? I have a ramps board running marlin, but the marlin firmware for the touchscreen is an older version that does not have delta support

Anyone tried this already with a three colour mendel? Since some of the necessary pins are already used for the second melzi board?

does it works with ramp!!!!please help!!

I have connected the 5v, gnd, RX and the TX to the MSerial1 and MSerial2 but any axis is
moving. I already checked the firmware and it has all your suggested changes. I
want to help improving the performance of the program mostroya@gmail.com

The biggest issue I seem to have is not wanting to use my Z stops for the TX and RX pins on RAMPS 1.4.
It would seem that Aux 1 D1 and D0 should be able to be used. I need help on changing the Marlin code to read from the D1 and D0 instead of the Zstops pins (18 and 19). ANY help is greatly appreciated! ghfame@gmail.com

You can use a different serial port, just edit the file "Marlin.h" changing this line

ifdef LCD_4D

define MYSERIAL1 MSerial1


with this:

ifdef LCD_4D

define MYSERIAL1 MSerial2


in this example, "MSerial2" specifies the Serial n. 2 available on AUX-4 connector.

I got a LCD from 4D-Systems and the firmware from https://github.com/MarcoAntonini/RepRapLcd4D/tree/master/SingleExtruderhttps://github.com/MarcoAntoni...

works fine.

I connected the display to my Ramps 1.4 so I can see the surface but nothing is moving.

My 3D- Printer isn´t a Marlin. I have a Protos from GRRF.
Can anyone tell me what i need to chance with my printer firmware, that my printer recognizes the LCD?

I have the same resaults! Please Help us

What did you change in marlin to make the board work.. as i will have to modify the newer marlin for your touchscreen setup as your software doesn't support the PrintrBoard electronics

Timelord83, I'm currently in the same situation you were 4 months ago. I am working on this touch screen system, and would be great if I could get some help from you. Please approach me on ch8892@naver.com when you see this. Thanks!

Marcoantonini I tried doing a Marlin Fork of yours but not upload my files.

I created a new entry in my account Githu LITRIS and I've also tried to do a merge and not get it.

Can you tell me how to make a Fork or can you do it?

What you want

Thanks for your work.

just press the button from the web page of Fork github.

I send "Pull Request" four you.


I wish I could choose between temperature for PLA and ABS for example by pressing the Select button on the extruder.

And deleting the second extruder.

Also add engine stop button.

Is it possible?

Thank you.

Changes have to Marlin Release Candidate 2 FOR MARLIN 1.0.0 I have modified some changes but I have many compilation errors.

Does anyone have the Marlin modified for Ramps 1.4 Prusa I2?

Thank you.

many users are complaining about to Ramp support..
I would like to clarify some things:
the project was designed around the reprappro Mendel version, so I developed the changes in the Marlin reprappro branch.
I started working at 4D Display support in original Marlin, but I got bad results as first attempts (the original Marlin has very fast developed and many things have changed lately).
I need time to align the project to the original Marlin, code contributions are welcome !
To resolve this problem there are two ways:
1) Add support for Ramp on my branch (very simple)
2) Add support 4D display in original Marlin (takes a long time)

I have added support for the pinout of the ramp on my branch, it compiles but I do not have an arduino mega for test.

Error program in Arduino version 103.

In file included from Marlin.h:41,

             from cardreader.cpp:1:

MarlinSerial.h:57: error: conflicting return type specified for 'virtual void MarlinSerial::write(uint8_t)'

/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/Print.h:48: error: overriding 'virtual size_t Print::write(uint8_t)'

I'm compiling on Arduino 23 version

Ok, all modifications completed and working properly.

I need to print but all movements and works from the LCD from pronterface.

I do not like to flash the LED fails Ramps fixed it;-)

Thanks and I'll upload the file for which you want to install.

this is a good new :)

Sorry no file is "Startup.wav"

No sound when finished printing and also missing the file "alert.wav"

Have the file?

I introduced the M118 command handler for the sound. add M118 at the end of gcode for the print end notification.

Not as uploading files, I modified several things to work.

If anyone wants me to ask or sent them to you.

Thank you!

I am also using a ramps v1.4

hold on - are you saying you have the touchscreen working with Marlin??? or you are using the reprappro firmware??? If you are using Marlin I'd love to see what you did / your files.


Marlin for Ramps 1.4 and LCD u32PTU here:



Marlin Ramps 1.4 for u32PTU RepRap Touch TFT LCD (mini pronterface style)
by litris


How do I send it? and also I have to tell you how to connect.


Ok! woks!

But you have to make some changes.

And the LCD will concta where the limit switches.

Thanks for your work when you finish setting changes indicated

OK 023 compiles without error and works perfectly Prusa least Hot_beb temperature indicates -26 degrees.

But not communicating with the screen u32PTU.

This pin connected to AUX-1 5Vdc-Gnd-D1-D2 (D2 = TX) (D1 = RX)

Any idea?


I can do two things.

Test your code that supports the Ramps.

Or I can send a arduino mega to try.

I want to help too but the Marlin you use is very different from what I use.

Whatever you want.

If you want to taste me the code itself faster.

But functioned all functions of Marlin?

The latest version is very complete.

I have so many dreams that I can leave a arduino mega ;-)

Thank you.

Display arrived yesterday, now the 4dsystems website is down ... damn

Marco, thingiverse's site redesign makes your link un-clickable. I try to click it and the "read less" area prevents it.

Hello I have seen these intendando communicate a 4D screen with 1.4 Ramps

What firmware you have loaded ramps to operate the 4D screen?


How do you connect to the RAMPS pin? TX1=>pin? And RX1=>pin?

Direct connection or cross TX1=>tx or TX1=>rx


The connections must be crossed.

Display Tx --> RepRap motherboard Rx1
Display Rx --> RepRap motherboard Tx1

For the avoidance of doubt (and not wanting to make any mistakes), are you saying that the connections from the Sanguino/Melzi go four of the five pins used for the programming header on the LCD board (Marked +5v Tx Rx GND RES) or to the pins to the right of these - picking out RX1 TX1 and +5v from the bottom row and GND from the top row)?

Where can I donate?

I got hung up for awhile not realizing I was using the old Workshop IDE, Marco. You should update the link to the new one, http://www.4dsystems.com.au/prod.php?id=172http://www.4dsystems.com.au/pr.... :)

thank you for reporting. I've updated the link..

I can load to my Ramps your modified firmware?

Work this also with Ramps 1.4?

has someone already off ramps 1.4 to?

Work, only need a free serial (TX,RX) .

Work with Marlin?

now does not work in the original branch of marlin,but works with the reprappro branch.
I would like to add in the Marlin original branch, but I have little time available.

I understand, but if I have a Ramps1.4. I can load your firmware? or firmware reprapro?

sorry I do not speak much English :)

Please new cover for new model u32PTU ;-)


very soon upgrade the case to the 32PTU..

OK!!! ;-)


Top man Marco - my 32PTU is on order from a company in Austria - due in at the end of January so I cannot wait to get started. Guess I will print the case in advance but no rush for me! Is the code reasonably easy to rework so that references to multiple extruders can be removed? I am using a RepRapPro Huxley with a Sanuinololyu (and a Mendel90 controlled by a Melzi board).

it is not difficult to eliminate the reference to the second extruder, if you have problems I can help you :)

Marco - I'm getting there! Reworked the code for a single extruder and changed the function of the switch extruder button to turn my cooling fan on and off. Next job is to add a button to turn the motors off - the way I have reworked the code has left me with an area for this - originally occupied by the Extr0 components. It's a challenge but as said, I am making progress. Thank you for the project.

Code now amended to handle a single extruder. I have filled the spare space on the LCD display with 2 buttons: one to deactivate the motors (M84) and a second to centre the nozzle and bed (G1 X70 Y70 F2000). The latter is specific to my Huxley. I've learned quite a lot over the last couple of days!

no works!

Exit the bar in the middle and some buttons are not.

Can you fix it?


I not understand your problem ..

if you're referring to the touch buttons, you need to calibrate the touch screen. To enter the calibration program just touch the RepRap logo during startup of the display.


Are the changes you've made Alzibiff.

No icons out if I touch the screen work but their icons are not shown in marcoantonini follow.


Litris - Either you need to recompile the GFX files and download them to the SD card on the LCD or take the ones from my GITHUB in the CopyToSD card folder. (I have just uploaded them to reflect my modified code).

OK and it works!

And how is it done?

How to compile to create those files? whether it is for another time;-)

Instead of Bed Centre I would like a button to select PLA or ABS with their temperatures.

Also print speed and feedrate in 20x4 LCD.


to add new functionality requires free up space inside the PICASO micro. To free up space must be moved a lot of code from FLASH to the microSD card. I'm working on it :)

Ok ;-)

I look to the new job.

And I repeat you miss a good job.


very well, nice work !

Uploaded to GITHUB (Alzibiff). I am a total GITHUB newbie so not exactly sure what I am doing! The code uploaded works on my RRP Huxley once Marco's RRP version of MARLIN has been loaded with appropriate changes to the CONFIGURATION.H file relevant to this printer. I have kept all of Marco's code in place - added my own and commented out where needed. Will tidy this up in due course once fully tested.

Has there been any success making this work with the 32PTU instead of the 32PT. The older model is proving hard to find. Thanks for the great project.

I have put the firmware on the 32PTU and upgrade the Marlin firmware, wired the LCD and reprap but it is not working, no communication at all? Any thoughts?


What portions need to be transplanted to work with other branches of Marlin?

Unfortunately, lately I have not much time to devote to this project.
Very soon be modifying a version of the original Marlin with the 4d display support.here is a list of changes https://github.com/MarcoAntonini/Marlin/commits/masterhttps://github.com/MarcoAntoni...

Can you publish the sources of praise to modify STL files between model and u32PTU?

added the SolidWorks original files :)

yes, that is the correct cable for programming.
But you can also use an FTDI cable, simply connect the RTS pin to RESET Display with a 100nF series capacitor.

Thank you for the response. I've ordered and the items are already shipped. BTW I don't know what a FTDI cable, RTS pin, or 100nF series capacitor are at all. I am willing and able to learn but not everyone is on the same level as gifted makers. Please, consider "dumbing down" some of the technical stuff for the layman like myself.

Wish I had seen that you needed that cable John. I sell the same sort of cable for $15 and would have been happy to just give you one. I don't advertise that it has RTS, but it does.
In any case, it sounds like you need a 100nF capacitor .I put a page together than explains capacitors:
And I think this one from Mouser should be fine:
I happen to have that part K104K15X7RF5TL2 in stock and would be happy to mail you one.

I will be ordering this for sure. How are you connecting to the MELZI - just two wires or do you need GND as well? Also, how are you powering the LCD board - directly from the MELZI/Sanguinololu?

The LCD powering directly from Melzi board.
Total required only 4 connections, Tx, Rx and 5V, GND.

Beautifully done, and a way to get rid of some desk clutter. Thanks!

Really nice work, thank you for your efforts. It's a shame they haven't featured it.

They won't feature it. It's not for a Makerbot product.

Thingiverse has often featured things that aren't for MakerBot's products.

But they may never feature anything related to RepRap anymore... As Bre says over and over again, they want to "set the standard". They won't contribute to people hearing from RepRap.

Do you mean that reprapper on this site are not welcome?

Thingiverse is quite friendly to RepRappers, and there are all sorts of Things here for all sorts of printers, RepRap, commercial, laser cutters, CNC mills, routers, etc.

Do you sell this? if not, you should! And I want in!

unfortunately not for sale.
It 'just a open project...

Nice work, I just got my ulcd-32PTU and I have the microSD card formatted correctly and I can compile and upload a picture but your package won't run correctly, it throws up an error 8 on the screen. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? I says you originally made this with a 32PT and I allowed it to switch device before compiling.


I'm investigating the type of error 8, I have never encountered this error..

Thanks for the help. It was a simple problem at the end I wasn't compiling it right. In the workshop 4D software I had to go to the Project tab and change the destination to flash. The error 8 seems to come up when you load it into RAM.

I'm happy to help or test anything and I can even Skype/teamviewer with you if you want to figure this out. I'm going to keep on trying on my end.

Working this Model u32PTU?


Did you ever get that error 8 to clear. I'm having the same problem.

yes, there is no space in RAM to load the code

yes, that is the model of the LCD used in this project.

now to see if it will work with a printrboard rev D

Some things have to change ..
You should rescale images and change many defined coordinate for the buttons,touch and label text .

Model http://www.tigal.com/product/3094http://www.tigal.com/product/3... he uLCD-24PTU is an elegant combination of a 2,4 inch (240x320) LCD Screen Work? is 240x320 = 32-PT

But I noticed 2.4" inch versus 3.2" ..

I think so. Mount the same PICASO chip and the same resolution.
should be 100% compatible.

Ok! I buy but not stock :-(
When stock buy.


drandolph user is having some problems with the 32-PTU.
we are trying to understand the problem.
I'll keep you informed of the development...


No problems u32PTU.
Today i buy New Model u32PTU ;-)


Buy model 32PT? (66€)

Thanks i buy when you advise.

I buy when you advise.

Outstanding, Marco. Is the proper board to order the 32PTU?

My version is 32-PT, the 32PTU is the new version (compatible with the software but not compatible with the cover).

Beautiful I just ordered the panel. Love to see this working.

I like it a lot by the way. I came across these displays some time ago and this is a very nice application for it. I would have to see how compatible the version of the firmware you used is with the RAMPS however, as you seem to have used a version tailored to the RepRapPro hardware (which is what you have running probably). But the changes can be incorporated in the standard Marlin firmware as well, that should be doable.

Changes are easily applicable in Marlin original firmware.
The Gcode file is parsed from the sd card on the RepRap motherboard.
The LCD board only sends print commands (M24,M18..) or movement commands.

Does it read the files from the SD in the controller board of from the one in the display hardware? And does it send all the GCODE's, so basically all the print commands, or just the ones that are entered through the user interface like "Move X left", "Print this file"?

Excellent!!!! Brillante!!!!

I wonder if I can get it o work with the delta/markin port...
Anyways great stuff, thanks for sharing

Beautiful. I wonder - could it work with the Sailfish firmware?

I think so. specifications required are a board supported by Marlin firmware with second serial port (TX1, RX1).

Sailfish is based on Marlin. Hmm, getting the two to play together might be a fun project!

Any idea if this would control a Printrboard?
I would love to pair this with it.

the specifications required are a board supported by Marlin firmware with second serial port (TX1, RX1).

Very nice! Any idea of the total cost?

Thank you for the comments.
The cost of this LCD module is around 50-60 $

The cost of this LCD module is around 50-60$???