Artillery Sidewinder X1 sliding cable strain relief

by TheGooNie Sep 22, 2019
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hello, great part, but can you maybe do the whole thing that you can easily slide it together? esteps are all calibrated but if I push it all together, I can’t force it open.

Can you please post a photo of how it looks like now?

Can you use the screws that you take out with this ?

No, you can't.

i have printed both v2 parts and they dont fit into each other...its too tight

Then you have not a calibrated extruder... Follow the steps in the linked page (the best solution) or reduce the extrusion multiplier in your slicer slightly (from 1.0 to 0.95 or 0.90 for example) and try again.
Have you ever printed a XYZ calibration cube (20mm) to see how the dimensions are?

no i didnt...but im doing right now ^^
i think i expected a bit too much from my new artillery sidewinder x1 out of the box ;-) but thanks for your kind advises.

You're welcome! :-) And out of the box printed my X1 also a not "functional" part of this, this is the reason why I printed it on my Anet A8 ;-)

I have noticed my cable is sort of pulled down by gravity after several prints and I was looking for this. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you find it helpful! Please post photos / a make if you have printed / installed the part :-)

Done. Printed with black ABS.

Yes, I saw it but on first view I thought: "Why does someone post a BL-Touch holder as a make of my part?" :-D

Haha The BLTouch holder is in green because I printed it before getting the black filament but now since I have it I did this mod with matching color to the cover.

For a slight improvement, could you put a filet on the inside edge where the cable leaves the strain relief? As the cable moves around that point, better to avoid a sharp edge.

There is a 0.6mm (3 layers) filet there, on both sides. Or do you mean something else? Maybe more?

No, perfect then. Sorry, haven’t printed the part yet and couldn’t see the small filet in the pictures.

Nice design, did print the other one, but like this one better, since the other one puts the cable off direction.
Thanks for sharing (y)

Yes, this is the second important feature of this design, you can center it where the connector sits.
Thank you and post a make if you print and use one! ;-)

Beautiful design, thank you

Thank you! Hope it helps you too!