Smokin buddha

by yzorg Dec 21, 2012
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How would u down load this??

How would u down load this??

by clicking the download button maybe.. but i am not perfectly shure ;)

thx. i forgot where it came from.

Maybe you could use the part of the statue you took out to make a slider 'bin' that can slide back into the statue, completing it with the incense now inside? Also, looks like there are some features on the bottom that could be flattened.(flat bottom) Note: i might try doing this myself using openscad.

In my slicer Cura, i can have the bottom cut flat before print.
but you are right. when i have time i try to fix its bottom.

the burning incense needs air to stay glowing.. so u cant close that hole.. atleast not completely

I have openscad stuff that puts it on feets and has holes through the bottom, and the sliding bit. However, openscad doesnt seem to want to export the .stl properly..

i got you a flattened version..

however i didnt put a lid..
because my buddha doesnt need it to work properly.
i cant regenerate topology that has been removed.. but you could copy-paste the missing data from the orginal Buddha..

Okay. but have to tell you cant do anything with openscad.. (the interface gives me a headache, i am very not into programming)

I see you got the negative space pimped with some added structure to the walls.. i see those feets you were talking about.. but why would the buddha need those again?
It would make it much more difficult to print. Mine is standing upright and is not wobbling at all.

It didnt melt yet... i think you just need to print it big enough..

Great idea for an incense burner!

When a Buddha catches fire and burns from the inside out, does his little buddha grin turn to a frown? :-)

Melt that frown upside down.