Tool for GU10 Ceiling Lights

by les_kaye Sep 23, 2019
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Works great for standard GU10 bulbs, but not so well for Philips Hue GU10's which have a convex face (instead of flat like most others). Needs a concave depression in the face of the tool. Or just 2mm shorter so it still locates correctly on the prongs, but avoid bumping into the face of the bulb.

Thanks for this. I have now put a depression in the base (I cut a cone so that it will print without support). If you would like to download and print it again then please let me know if it works for you.

Thanks, trying it now..!

The cone didn't slice correctly.. it's still solid on the base.

I just downloaded it and the cone cut-out is there in Simplify3D. Also if you look at the image on this page in Thingiview the cone is visible.
I think that you have mixed your downloaded files up. Try downloading it again and check that the STL file is dated 16 October and is about 87 or 88 KB. If the STL file is smaller at around 82KB you have the old version.
If you definitely have the new file and it is not slicing correctly in your software then let me know and I'll recalculate normals on it.

I definitely have the right file. I can see the cone in Cura, but when it slices the cone is filled.

Okay, I recalculated normals and updated the file. Please try again.

OK, that looks better. I also tried the previous file with Slic3r and it looks OK as well, so bit of a bug there with Cura (surprise surprise!). Anyway, thanks for the quick turn-around - much appreciated.