West Tek T-60 Power Armor ( Fallout 4 )

by Marcus_GT500 Sep 23, 2019
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I'm printing this model and noticed that the part that attaches the shoulder to the torso is too small so it doesn't snap into place like it should. I hope you'll fix that. I'll post a make if it gets fixed. Other than that, awesome model!

There's a bushing that goes betwheen those parts. Put a small drop of glue on the outside of the bushing after fitting it, if this connection ever gets too loose from wear, you can swap the bushing. It's the part T60_Arm_Ring

Ohhhh alright, thanks for the quick answer! I haven't printed all of the parts yet but when it's all done I'll for sure post a make!

I'll be waiting! Have fun!

All parts printed now! I'm waiting for glue to dry on some parts. I noticed the thighs are very loose to the point the figure can't stand up properly... The thigh pin is glued to the pelvis. Should I put some glue into the joint too? What do you think? I could make a bigger thigh pin too. Hmm... Maybe I'll try that!

I didn't had this problem. Try to smear a small amount of glue on the pin and test if it's enough. Just be carefull to not overdo or you could split the socket, or leave too much glue in a spot and have to sand it to fit.
I had this problem in several other models I built in the past and that's what I usually do.

Wow! ... For 3 reasons:

1. The model looks awesome, and I now regret to already have printed one at 200%...
I'll maybe give it to a friend and reprint this one for me :-)
I'm marvelous
(I'll post a make if I do it.)

2. I really like how you did the painting, maybe you should add a section in the model page explaining your technic, I'm sure it will interest people looking it. The use of metallic screws is also in the spirit, everything is perfect!

3. This is the first time when I push someone, it produces something good :-D
Pushed in stairs

  1. Do it!
  2. Will do!
    3.This, unfortunally, is NOT sparta.

якими фарбами розфарбовували?

Я поясню картину в описі. Дякую!
(I hope google translate didn't butchered this up)