9mm Gates XY motion system for BLV MGN Cube

by yhaiovyi Oct 18, 2019
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It would be great if there were drawings indicating the use of screw specifications

Hello, thank you for the great design! A few questions.

1.) I notice that you don’t provide a new x carriage. Can the existing x carriage be used and the holes simply enlarged? In other words should the belts be in the same position on the x carriage?

2.) Can the belts be twisted as Ben has mentioned in his designs? Would this remove the need for a few of the toothed idlers?

3.) Can flanged bearings be used instead of smooth idlers as Ben has also mentioned? Flanged bearings should be far larger than the bearings in idlers and therefore last far longer.

  1. yes. 2. yes. 3. no
  2. I mentioned Oliver's design in the description of carriage that fits, but yes, you can use a file to enlarge belt mount in original design.
  3. I wouldn't flip the belts, but you can do it, then you need 2 toothed idlers.
  4. Just no. This design made specifically for normal industrial idlers,.

I have been testing and this design works very well. For the washers, I used M5x0.8 thickness like these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07LB3X94J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1.

For assembly, I inserted the shoulder bolts thru the printed parts and laid part on table. Then placed washer + shim + idler + shim + washer + very small O-ring. The small O-ring holds the assembly together when you turn the part over to install. Otherwise, installation is very tricky and would need multiple small fingers, Lol. You can thread the belt through the assembly while holding just above final insertion of bolts into bottom part. Leaving the O-ring in place is ok.

Using M5x0.8 thick washers allows extra room for the O-ring and allows idlers to freely spin. You can use M5x1mm (standard M5 washer), but I haven't tried in combination with small O-ring.