177 caliber pellets for air rifle

by acem77 Jul 8, 2014
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this could fly faster with a BB glued to the drilled head?

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How do these work being much lighter when they impact to the fragment I am looking for a nice round for indoor plinking in garage


How hard would these be to upscale to .22 pellets

Anyone tried these with a metal PLA? Interesting concept.

this would be great for home made tube barrel not riffle I plan on having some fun with this. or u could do blow gun but for luv of god print a stopper so u don't inhale pellet lol

I'm looking for an STL file with just a single pellet, can you post one or tell me how to split them to leave me with one?


i have updated this with single pellet files.

Thanks for doing this.

Of course not blaming you for me putting plastic down my bore (and I still think these are cool), but I think these things fucked my accuracy with lead. I swear this pellet gun doesn't shoot as well anymore, to the point that it seems pointless to practice with. Or maybe I just got better at shooting? Lol

I'd try running some patches down the bore or a brush but there isn't a good way to get at it on my Daisy 880. I suspect the lands and grooves are filled with bits of PLA.

the bore brush should be ok, just be careful when you get close to the breach area, I use a product called Kurd cutter to spray down my shotguns to loosen the plastic from the wads before I scrub them.

Anyone tried glow in the dark pla to make tracers????

from my experience the glo pla sux got a roll for my kids n not digging it doesn't glo at all

could be cool, just bought some glow in the dark pla.

I have printed and tested, Accuracy is about that of an airsoft gun, but probably a bit worse, at least compared to my expensive airsoft guns. I am going to try printing them individually to hopefully get better consistency, and thus accuracy. Surprisingly, more velocity seemed to be more accurate. I have a 10 pump daisy bb/pellet gun and did the majority of the testing on 5 pumps because 10 seemed to make a loud crack (breaking the sound barrier with PLA? lol) but I still wanted realistic testing conditions.

Oh but boy do these things have punch.... definitely does not turn your pellet gun into an airsoft gun/toy that is safe for use on people so don't even consider it. I forgot that kinetic energy = 1/2m*v^2 and shot this at a butane can I had lying around.... blew clean through one side and sent that can flying. I guess I won't be filling my lighters up anytime soon :(

The accuracy from about 1 to 15 yards is good. I tried shooting these at 30 and 50 yards with 650fps muzzle velocity, but had no luck in hitting the target at these distances. This was with both PLA and ABS type plastics. Still a cool idea, if you plant to shoot no further than 15 yards.

What kind of range/accuracy do these things have? Obviously worse than lead, but can it compete with say, an airsoft gun?

I have yet to fire it long range maybe 30 feet to shoot some pop cans, seemed good for that.
I dont think they will go as far as lead as the mass is not the same.

I never tired an airsoft gun, measure the ammunition it takes, compare and maybe re-scale the pellet in slicer program?