Improved Banana Slicer

by custom3dstuff Dec 22, 2012
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peel it first you say???

Why don't you just flip the banana around then you won't have to waste 3 hours of life printing this. Sorry for the negativity but maybe you should've thought this one through a little more.

Not all bananas can be flipped

Ah true, didn’t think of that

this is a joke dumbass. That's the whole reason they made it.

I think my joke went over your head...

Don't be ridiculous. Everyone knows that would never work.

Will this work on a Mac?

Anyone else search "meme" and get here? Anyways nice banana memes boi. ;***

I got a Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer for christmas two years ago. Since that gift, the slicer has been laying in the drawer alone, sad and unused; a husk of a kitchen utensil. It couldn't cut any of my bananas since they all curved left instead of right. You sir, should be commended for making this miracle happen. You have saved my life. I am forever grateful and will distribute these to everyone I know. Banana slicers for all!

by bananas also are sideways
can anybody help me?

My banana fases the other way :( horrible print

"Slicers" print as two separate lines, so banana gets stuck between them and is hard to clean if you're actually using this for it's intended purpose. Scaling it down to about 70% fixes this, but then it's too small to use.

This was great would you be able to build a stl file of a slicer for bread, spam, ect thanks :) Please

Super model; now I can brag on FB too. 2hrs on Low, 10p infill, Replicator 2, PLA, 24g.

I made a gift tag to go along with the banana slicer.

Gift Tag for Banana Slicer

Inb4 wealth without monetary means.

Thanks! That is so funny, I couldn't read them all because my face hurt to much from laughing!

AWESOME!! Finally a solution to this problem!

What about those of use with upside down bananas?

Those in the southern hemisphere will have to wait for an updated version for their upside down bananas.

It looks like your banana slicer was designed to fit CONFORTably in the hand.

I don't care about the slicer, but i do want a 3d scan of that goofy ass face.

The left-handed/right-handed thing is surely a joke, right? You know...poe's law and everything...

No, it's a real problem. What if you have a right handed banana, and a left handed slider? What now?

And now we don't have to pay the exorbitant markups on Amazon that surely funded yacht payments and vacation palaces for the super rich banana slicer barons. You've done a great thing for the world!

And now we don't have to pay the exorbitant mark-ups on Amazon that surely went to fund yacht payments and vacation palaces for the banana slicer barons! You've done a fantastic thing for the world.