[OLD VERSION] Folk flute, soprano (+8), tapered bore

by pfh Dec 22, 2012
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Is this is working model?

Thanks for this fantastic design. I only got a printer last week and this was one of my first prints. I like the way it plays. I like the sound more than some of the wooden fifes that I have!

I built the straight-bore version of this (from your website), and I'm having great difficulty in getting any but the highest notes to sound. Any tips for how to blow and situate my lips and such? I've never had much luck with flutes in general so I'm assuming the problem is with me, not the flute. :)

If you're managing to get high notes you probably have the technique. You can test your technique by finding a length of plastic tube, drilling a hole near one end, covering that end, and seeing if you can produce a note with it.

My suspicion would be tiny leaks in the joints, or (less likely) tiny holes between layers in the print. Try teflon tape on the joints, or wax or such. Maybe spray the inside with something.

It does seem that the individual parts are slightly porous, but it needs a lot of pressure to force air through the pores, so it's probably just gaps in the joints. I'll try using plumber's putty to join them like I did with the shawm (which plays fine). Thanks!

looks interesting, how tall are each of the parts ? my printer only has 90mm in Z

115mm. Slightly too tall, sorry.

thanks for the reply, I am in the process of building a bigger machine, will give this a try when its working