Pathfinder - Cinematic Gopro Hero carrier (Cinewhoop)

by TIBDREN Dec 6, 2019
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and whats the size of camera?is that 19mm?

hi!I wanna ask some questions:
whats the length of standoffs and what about the screws ,M2 or M3?

The standoffs are M3 and 20mm for the current design and the Mamba 1408 2800kV (6S) motors, that is a very good fit and looks good, you could do that higher and print higher versions for better duct effects. The camera is a Runcam micro egale, so 19mm and that already is a tight fit :)

I have not done any tests with bigger motors, they might could give you a bit more flight time, with a Gopro Hero 7 and setup as described I get about 4mins of cruising. If anyone needs taller duct prints Im gladly going to update versions for that.

thanks!And what about the size of the screws on the frame?so u mean all i need to prepare is M3 standoffs and M3 screws?
another question:i found DYS SE1806 2550KV for sale but i don't know if its to big or too power-consunming for a cinewhoop.its size can be fit on the frame as it has 2 12mm holes,i didn't choose 1408 because i am afraid that the drone's thrust will be a littile bit deficit for a yi camera(70g)and a 4s 1500mah battery(177g) .can i use 1806 in your point of view?

Yeah, the whole Frame is assembled with M3 Screws and M3/20mm Standoffs (28x).
I'm sorry I can't tell you, I never have used 1806 motors, all I can tell you is that the 1408 motors are fine in my book, probably 1507 motors would give just a little bit more thrust.
The sample video was shot with HQ 3" Cinewhoop props which have considerably shallow pitch.. you just have to make sure to get the wight as low as possible, my setup (120g lipo) is hovering at 40-50% throttle with about 570g AUW... lighter hd camera (Gopro Hero 7 Black is 116g), foam instead of TPU or thinner carbon (1.5mm) would all make it perform better :)

thank u for your patience!!

and i wanna use 4 20A escs on 4 arms of the frame,is that possible for the tiny space?can the escs be mixed with 2 brands?cuz i have 3 escs working good and i need to buy another esc but i can't find the same ecs for the replacement,i have to buy a new esc from another brand..

thank u!I decided to try 1806 cuz its very cheap in the store i found it.by the way,what do u mean by(28x)?and i wonder,the deeper the duct,the more efficiency the duct can be,is that right?if so,could u please update a deeper duct version?

Yes, the deeper the duct the more efficient it is, the best value would be (iirc) 57mm tall (current its only 20mm for optic reasons), I will upload a few version, give me a few hours/days :)
28x was a mistake, its 16, means it uses 16 standoffs, 4 in the middle section and 6 for each side of the ducts.
For the ESC, I don't think you can use individual ones due to the lack of available space and the design to use a 4in1 ESC :( It does however support 20x20 or 30x30 mounting patterns.

plus,do i also need to print a 19mm camera holder and antenna holder for this frame?do u have stl file for it?thanks!

but i think the deeper the duct is,the more windward area will be,and the less stability and less flyminute it will have in outdoor.if my view is not right,plz correct me:)i am a newbie in FPV:)

I like to use the "Flosstyle" camera and vtx antenna mount: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2955205 & https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2904584

You are not wrong, there is a sweetspot for the ducts yes, my recommendation is that you try the standard ones and then some with 30mm and 40mm height to see what you like better :) I havn't had time to do it yet, but I will upload it this year! :)
I'm very glad to help you and answer all your questions but most of the time I can not immediately answer :)

Hyperlite FlosStyle Micro Eagle Mount
by KevPV
FlosStyle SMA Mount

thank u ! but i didn't find out how the mount carry it,so i found another one.
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2710066 do u think i can use this?

RunCam Micro Swift/Foxeer Arrow Micro Standoff Mount 22

I'm not sure what you mean by that but yes you can use this mount as well, it will be a tight fit however :)

This thing would be so much more durable and stiff if you connect the duct also to the top plate!! Anyway great Design!

Thank you, I actually did some tests on connecting the top plate with the ducts but found it doesn't help a lot, its very stable and stiff as is and flies great :)

Where can I get the frame? It looks awesome!!

Thank you! Im not currently selling the frame as I do not have the means for it :(

Thanks for your quick answer.