YRUDS - best extruder for 3D Printer / Reprap

by dvjcodec Dec 22, 2012
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I would really like to use this to upgrade my printer to a dual extruder but I want to use E3D V5 hot ends. Is there any chance you could upload the cad files or modify the design yourself?

How is this ready for twins - dual extruder? Can you explain, please?

How did make the cuts in the allen bolt?

Nice design :)

Finding the belts locally are difficult. But really want to give it a try. Can you make a version with gears instead?

Can you make an entry for the bowden variant of this extruder? I am looking for a good extruder to use on my Rostock Mini and customize full size rostock.

Add entry pipe holder for 6mm dia out pipe and M6 nuts

are you sure that the belt have 195 tooth...??? because 190 tooth the belt length is 570 mm... is very very big... maybe are 195mm...?

Yes, my mistake, 195mm / 65 tooth. Thnx !

In fact it's visible on the first pic, 195 3m it says :)
Btw, is it HTD only?

aaah, thanks for that comment. I was really looking for the length, as they do not count them in teeth around here. Thanks! Great extruder, looking forward to trying it out.

danielpublic - U have a big problem :) so please do not learn other what they can do or not. 1st - put some good stuff on thingi, 2nd - talk with other about license ;)

Ok, is licensed under the Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.

Give a breke mate! One word to Michal [yegahC designer] and forget about "open" license for original !!!!! Do U want it or what? I do not understand your problem

This extruder use ONLY bolt same as original Yru's. This body is different (with flexible idler). Is a different product - different license. I do not understand your problems? U want to sell them or what?

Just want to open source projects grow. I wanted to make video-tutorial from assembly, but for who? Your customers only? Everyone else who will print it on RepRap probably would know how to do it.

Soon somoeone will make a not-exact-copy, I hope. And that copy may become RepRap standard (it's a great project). You will have nothing from it.

But choise is yours. Evolution. :)

I have exclusive rights from author [as a Alfa tester and reseler] for use this extruder [idea only, not mod scad] for my printers.

Wouldn't that violate the original license?

If its based on the original Yru (yegahC) extruder design, the licence should be GNU GPL. Likewise can be said about the BiBONE 3D printer, which is based on the Prusa Mendel; GNU GPL as well.