FP-68 Grass Snake Compact FTW flywheel pistol foam blaster

by BigTendies Oct 1, 2019
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Does anyone want to share a picture of their wire management with the battery connected? I don't because it's embarrassing! :-)

BTW: Big difference between 2S and 3S! Grandkid gets the 2S. :-)

May I make a suggestion? The mag retainer clips/springs are really a pain in the butt to install. how about running threaded holes out the back of the grip. Insert the springs and secure with a set screw after assembly. This would have the additional benefit of being able to adjust the sprint tension. However, you may not like the cosmetic implications.

also the wall at the bottom of the switch cavity is a bit thin. Mine broke through, but it's only cosmetic.

Please take the comments as constructive criticism of improving an already great design. Thanks for sharing!

I guess this is just a kids toy because I can't get my gimp trigger finger in the trigger guard. My middle finger and left hand trigger finger work, but are a tight squeeze. I've never had this problem with real handguns.

I don't have a good suggestion because the pistol grip is already kind of short for my hand and enlarging the trigger guard will just make that worse. I guess what I need is a larger trigger guard and use longer mags.

This blaster is intended to be as compact as possible, so it might not be perfect for folks with larger hands. I am, however, working on something that might be better for those particular people. In the meanwhile look into the Dessert Pigeon by MHP.

Thanks. Even like real handguns, one needs to select the handgun that fits your hand. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. It'll force me to work on my weak side shooting. :-)

Thanks for the suggestion.

Comments deleted.

Great design and really appreciate you sharing it with us all!! I am still a little new to the modding/custom world and just wondering about the motors. You said 3s and Honeybadgers or Fang RVs arent they both 2s motors? do you just run them over voltage? Thanks in advance :)

2s for reliability, 3s for performance (if you don't mind cutting motor lifespan a bit)

Is it possible to build this gun with 180 sized motors, or is it 130-size only? I unfortunately can't get my hands on a decently high-RPM 130-size.

If you're willing to cut the top of the shell, you might be able to make it work with 180 motors.

As it happens, I'm not (it's too good-looking to cut up). Thanks for the info, though! I'll keep looking.

Many places that sell FTW wheels should have some 130 sized motors too.

Thanks for the tip! As it happens, flywheels aren't too hard to print (and should that fail I can ask a friend for one of his spares set), but I've ordered some motors on it. I'm quite curious to see if printed flywheels work.

I sometimes use printed wheels for testing, but they rarely last longer than 3 days.

just a note, i wouldn't mind if the tip continued the with the rail pattern on the under side. To mount longer picatinny options.

Sadly, the barrel widening on the tip prevents that. There would simply not be enough plastic to hold that extra picatinny rail firm and secure.

I see that the recommended motors are HoneyBadgers or Fangs, I'm just double checking that you mean Fangs and not FangRV's?

I meant Fang RV's

What amp micro switches do you recommend for this build? Thanks

I used 15A for almost everything I build with no issues and switches melting is almost unheard of in the community. Keep in mind that the amperage rating on them is for 220V AC current.

So you don't use the relay type motor boards, all the load goes through the micro switch?

I use a beefy switch to handle that current instead of a MOSFET but in theory the second approach should be possible with some tinkering.

Thanks, that's the impression I got. In a tight space fewer parts is the better.

Can you supply a link for buying springs?

Comments deleted.

Any plans for hardware kits?

Maybe I could make a deal with a seller for that.

That would be great.

What is your best recommended print orientation for the main handle piece?

There is a picture with recommended build orientations

Hi, I'm looking forward to building this blaster and I'm currently sorting out the hardware requirements. I don't see a length specified for the extension spring? As I'm purchasing the spring specifically for this I would like to know the recommended length. The diameter and wire diameter are listed but not a length? (unless I've missed it but I can't see it)

I got the best results with 2x 0.4mm wire 4mm diameter 15mm long extension springs but you can really play around with that and there is room for differently sized springs.

Brilliant thanks for the information