Ultimate Creality Ender 3 Cura Profile

by Ender3Guy Oct 3, 2019
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Hey guys.
Thank you so much for your work on this, helped me a ton setting up cura for my ender 3pro.

It says in the description 1H and 42min for a Benchy with this profile but I get 3H and 5min.?
No supports and no raft, just the benchy. Haven't changed any settings either. Can anyone help me understand why?




I just released the 2.0.3 profile - Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing this! Impressive speeds while keeping good quality!
I tested your profile with benchy on Cura 4.4.0 on Ender 3 with 1.15 board on ultra base (without adhesive). Rest is stock. Only profile change is from skirt to brim. I ran into one small issue. The box on Benchy i tested is not closed (see attachement). I hovered the option, that I think might be the problem, but I am not very skilled with all the cura settings ;) seems like "Fill Gaps Between Walls" fixed it. So long, thanks for again for sharing this!

Yes, that is caused by gap fill being turned off. I prefer to have it that way as it saves so much printing time.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am new. Would these profiles work well for the Ender 5 since its uses alot of the same pieces? Not sure what would need to be changed

I don't see why not - if anything, it would work better than on the Ender 3 due to lighter X/Y/Z axes. One thing to keep in mind though is that I don't know if the Ender 5 uses a longer PTFE tube, so you may need to increase retraction distance.


I've tried the 2.0.2 Testing 0.16mm profile on the regular Ender3. Using Cura 4.3. The physical changes to the printer are: Metal Cheap Extruder, Side Mount Spool, Petsfang Cooling Duct, and the larger 24v Fan. Stock everything else, i think its the 1.1.3 board.

I've recently taking apart my ender, squared and tightened everything. For this test, I've turned off linear advance. However, manual mesh bed leveling is on. I've left the settings as they were with the exception of Flow and Temp. 200 deg, and 94 Flow are what works best with this 3DDPLUS Yellow PLA, lowest bidder on amazon. Filament is a bit brittle, but seems to be fine.

I printed the body of the Low Poly Chocobo. The print came out excellent, with a couple of noticeable bands on the body, but very minor. I used the tree-supports to test them, (the model probably been printed support less, but i wanted to try them.)

The tree supports broke away while i was taking the model off the build-tack. Very clean, not many plastic nubs left behind. There was very very minor stringing fixed with one pass with a hot air gun.

I normally use the legacy printer and profile, but these results got me close enough that I will simply be using this profile go forward. I don't really think I will play with much else on it. I'll probably be turning linear advance back on, but i'm still trying to figure out what settings need to be turned off in Cura for that to not be counter productive.

Overall, great work. If someone asked me where to start, I would point them at this rather than the legacy profile since its easier to install.


Thanks for the input. I've adjusted wipe to 0.4mm and added a hop of 0.04mm which prevents zits without generating strings.

Thanks for the imput! I'm not sure why wipe was set to 0.8. I've set it to 0.4 now and added a z-hop of 0.04mm which seems to be just enough to prevent scarring and zits without generating strings.

Hey man, thanks for your hard work! I've got a question though, I am using currently Cura 4.3 with an 0.8mm nozzle. Would the 2.0.2_Testing profile work for an 0.8mm nozzle, or do I need to change some settings for it to work with an 0.8mm nozzle? Cheers!

It should work with a few tweaks. First of all, you'll want to slow down all the speeds by about 30% or alternately increase the temperature to ensure that the nozzle doesn't underextrude.
Next, you'll want to change your layer heights in addition to the support contact distance.
Lastly, make sure that line widths are set to 0.8mm.

I think that's about it. If you have any issues, let me know and I may release a custom profile designed for larger nozzles.

Hey man, thanks for your response. I've used the 2.0.2_testing profile as a base and I made some adjustments as following:

Speed: 35 mm/s for everything (including travel)
Temperature: 230 degrees
Layer height: 0.4 mm
Line widths: 0.8 mm

But unfortunately, the result is not really stellar. See attachment.

As you can see, the surface is like real grainy, a really rough surface, don't know how to describe it. I'ts not really smooth, and while I could try and sand it down, I wonder if there is any way to improve this.

if possible could you perhaps make a profile for an 0.8mm? I could send the configuration I have now so you could see what's wrong with it and tinker with it. Or you rather want to start it from "scratch" ?

Sure, I'd love to see the profile.
I don't have a factory .8 nozzle, but I have a worn .4 nozzle that I'll drill to a larger size and work from there.


Unable to import into current Cura version. "Missing quality level fast".

Are you using the latest version? Older versions won't import into the latest Cura releases. Check the description for more info.

Comments deleted.


Thanks a lot for the profile - learned a lot just but looking at what changed :)
One thing I'd like to share: I had quite a couple issues with slight stringing in my test prints (2.0.2_testing).

Disclaimer: I'm really really new to 3d printing and learn by trying things out.

I adjusted three settings:
Combing set to All
Retraction upped to 6mm
Outer Wall Wipe Distance shortened to 0.4 (was 0.8)

For some reason my (shaky) timelapse video of the prints won't upload here - I've added a frame from it where the strings are quite well visible (between the left foot and the support as well as betwen the right arm and the body.

Overall I'm really happy with the profile, thanks a lot for your work! :)

Hmm, not sure why wipe was set to 0.8. I'll tweak that for the next release.

Thanks for the input!

Hey Man, excellent profile, thanks for the work you put into this.

There is one issue I'm trying to fix though - the printing speed is much faster than the one I used to have, since I slowed down the machine to something like 50 mm/s (for everything) for adhesion issue.

With your profile, my Benchy adhered perfectly for the 3/4 of the print, then it moved a bit from its spot and the print failed.

Do you have any advice for the print to stay in place while keeping high speed ? I use a BLTouch and was thinking of maybe lowering the Z Probe offset ...

Are you using adhesive? If not, note that the high printing speeds are almost certain to rip prints off the heatbed.
If you are, it's possible you are overextruding slightly. This actually varies between filaments, so try printing a 10mm cubed box with no top layers, no infill, no alternate extra perimiter, and two perimiters. Measure the wall with calipers and divide your result (in millimeters) by 0.8. This is your new flow rate to be used with this filament and should entirely prevent overextrusion.
If this still doesn't help, try adding a Z-hop of 0.8mm. This should stop the problem in its tracks, though you may need to increase retraction due to the possibility of stringing with Z-hop.

Thank you ! I went the Z-Hop route and no more knocking !

There is a tiny bit of stringing though, as you said.

What would you recommend as retraction changes ? More distance ? More speed ?

Thanks again !

...nevermind, my print finished and knocked off again :D

I will go back to slower speeds, I don't really want to use adhesives and have to clean my bed all the time ... Or do you have more convenient recommendation as far as adhesives go ?

Hey guys, I'm running into this problem using the "2.0.2_Testing" file for my Ender 3 (not pro) on Cura 4.3. can anyone help to identify where this is from? other than this issue the profile is amazing.

As you can see it does not want to fill in the areas where there are "small" gaps. creating open spaces.

I believe that's a side effect of the 0.5mm width on the first layer. It should stop on the subsequent layers.
Would you be able to upload or provide a link to the model you're using so I can test?

Thank you so much! I only needed to adjust extruder retract distance (direct drive). On my first print with your settings and so far it looks amazing! Whatever you did with the support settings is awesome. I was always so disappointed with my supports, too many and overkill. These are perfect and take less than half the time! I've attached photos of my first benchy with your settings.

I'm noticing a little wobble on the X and Y axes though. Try tightening your belts. If you can manage to strum a belt by lifting it up out of the extrusion and then letting it go while the carriage is parked by the endstop, it should play a bass note.

I have made some changes to my setup, including an X and Y belt tensioner. I haven't printed a benchy since then, but I'm extremely happy with the results. Thanks for the advice!

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar! My Ender 3 Pro was mere moments away from becoming a garden feature due to some messed up results I've been getting. Dropped your Beta profile into Cura 4.3, sliced and printed and it came out perfect. No stringing, perfect first layer, perfect supports. Just perfect. Thanks so much. Humanity owes you a great debt.

This profile worked really well for me. Thanks for the effort! I was really struggling, but this dialed almost everything in. Nice work!

Thanks. On my Ender 3 Pro w All Metal Hotend I got minimal stringing on the Micro Printer Test. Much better than the other profile I was using. Still got a very few strings but they're nearly more like blobs. But I got terrific overhangs! Basically good to the end, 80'. I'm using a nice new filament, Amolen Brick Red from Amazon. I put retraction on 4mm I think yours defaulted 5. Recent clogging when I had it at 6mm so I learned why all metal hotends have to use less retraction.

You're welcome! Enjoy printing.