Elegoo Mars PI ZeroW Case

by tiqdreng Oct 4, 2019
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Forgive me my ignorance, but what would you need a Pi for with the Mars? I'm a heavy Octoprint user, and i sorely miss being able to control the Mars from my computer, but as far as i know the USB port can only be used for storage, so i was wondering what you're using the Pi for? Thanks!

Well, by using the Epax firmware... I forget which exact one right now, but the current one should work, you can control the Mars remotely and send files over the network through the internal NIC that is hidden inside of the case. I prefer to wait for an official Elegoo firmware that enables this as I am currently still in warranty :P But an issue with sending a file through the Epax network feature, according to those who have used it, is that the file transfer is really slow. But they love the remote start printing that the firmware enables.

So, the PI ZeroW can be setup into a Flash Drive mode where it will appear as a USB storage device to the Mars. Yet with the Wi-Fi connection of the PI still enabled... It makes it like a wireless USB drive so that I can just zip over my prints then press the buttons on the printer. Sounds like it might be slightly ridiculous to do this if you still have to goto the printer and press the buttons ya? Well, I don't have to fuss with the back of the printer for the USB slot. I don't have to worry about the USB failures that have occurred to some users due to a bad USB drive, or poorly inserted or loosely fitting USB drive. So for me it just is a slight quality of life fix.

There are also some USB drives that have Wi-Fi features as well, but since I had a spare PI ZeroW laying around... I opted to go this route :)

Sorry to be wordy. I tend to type what I am thinking and it can come across funky at times.

Ah, gotcha! Yeah, i know that the Pi0 (or most devices of that kind) can be used like that, i just thought that people would rather go for an Wifi USB stick instead, or an USB SD card reader an a Wifi SD. But nice idea to do it this way!
I heard about the Epax firmware, but my brand new printer's firmware seems to be too new (v4.3.1).
Either way, thanks for the explanation, maybe i'll also take this route and drop a webcam in there somewhere, too!

And THAT is kind of the idea moving forward. Another guy is working on a Webcam for it now. He's just not sure how streaming might affect the USB drive functionality.

There is a way to downgrade your firmware, if I am recalling properly. If you are wanting to use the Epax that should make it possible to reflash.

And yes, the Wi-Fi USB sticks were posted in the Elegoo Owners facebook group a day before I posted a working image for the Mars, I think a day before maybe a few. Granted, the image I made is large, 15 Gigs... There is one by the Photonsters in their group that is smaller. I just made the image off of the SD card I had available ^.^