Battery Dispensers (5 versions)

by The3Designer Oct 7, 2019
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Looks great, i have no Problems with jamed Batterys (like many other Dispensers here on Thingiverse).
But i have 2 suggestions.

  1. The AA Batterys are harder to grip than the AAAs.
    Can you make the output tray for the AAs a little bit higher? So that i can grab the AA from Top and Bottom (like the AAAs).
    I added 2 Pictures..

  2. Can you make a Variant that i a put on directly on a Table?!
    I Think you need "only" a Stand under to Output Trays?!
    Then its possible to print that Version directly on the Stand, and save many Supports?!

That would be great too.

Thanks for your feedback! The AA batteries are indeed hard to grab, that's definitely an oversight of my design. I'll adjust it according to your idea. I'll also make another version with a stand on the bottom, which would indeed remove the need for any support material.

I'll send you a message when the new designs are done.

I'm also interested in the version that can stand by itself on a table. It would be appreciated if you could notify me as well when that design becomes available.
Thank you!

Would you consider making a second version with AAA in front and AA in back. Also a version that had a spot to glue in magnets to attach to the fridge would be great.

I've added a third version that has the AA in front and the AAA in back (which is what I think you want, since the original file has the AAA in front and AA in back). I haven't printed that version however, so I'm not 100% sure it will work (also because the model was modeled from scratch).

I'll see if I can switch the battery sizes around. For the magnets, what size and shape magnets do you want to use? Then I can model the right size cutouts for you.

I would pick something thin but strong on Amazon. Something like the attached link... just let us know what you model for and we can buy the right thing.


I've added a second version that has cut outs at the back for three 10x2mm magnets. Modeling this dispenser with AA at the front and AAA at the back will take a little more time.