Wardar, Lord of the Porcelain Throne

by dutchmogul Dec 25, 2012
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A year and a half ago I printed off this guy with a little more fuss then was necessary from the printer (yay noobness!). A year and a half later this is still my go to token for barbarian - like characters. Thank you again for really bringing some phenomenal work to the tabletop side of 3D printing.

You're very welcome, and thank you for the words! I've adapted this guy into a couple of barbarian figures (the one for Pocket-Dungeons, for example), so he's my go-to as well.

First print with my newly arrived Solidoodle 3 :-)

Awesome! Love the green!

Thanks, though I actually prefer your green. Where did you get your filament?

Thanks, though I actually prefer your green. Where did you get the filament?

Oh, heh, he's actually painted. I printed him in raw PLA.

This should be remade into a filament guide :-)

I am guessing Wardar is a crazy person who lives with his mom ;)

And owns a broadsword ;-)

He must be troubled indeed. He forgot to drop his pants ... unless he has a trap door in the back or is just wearing chaps.

Must be troubled indeed. He forgot to drop his pants. Unless he has a trap door in the back.

I think he's rocking a loin cloth. Such are the marvels of Barbarian ingenuity.

ahhh yes... What an amazing piece :) i think it shall be a good first print

my printer officially hates this print...2 hours in and it's...sputtering. printing @ .0.05 layer height....

Bummer :-P I only printed him the once, but he went all the way through for me, I printed him at a .20 layer height though. I knew I would have trouble at the .10 mark I usually print at. I can't imagine that .05 would be easy.

it's all good....noticed later that one of the cables for the x motor had begun to come loose which explains the odd behavior during print. will try again once i get retraction how i want it...may try without though that will require quite a lot of cleanup.

It must be hot - he looks a little flushed.

He's using this one in loo of his usual throne.

He is a mighty lord and gives much of himself to his people.

And leaves much of himself behind....

This is where he devised the strategy of mining the harbor

And where he read the Farmer's Almanac.

If i posted some of the other jokes
I was considering I would be banned from thingiverse!
(talk about bathroom humor!)

So we won't talk about his high Constitution score then.... (NERD ALERT)

Oh, now that's the nicest present I've gotten today.

Haha, Merry Christmas!