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Fursuit Pacifier inspired by MAM Original

by RiNax Oct 12, 2019
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Great job making this. Don't let others get to you just because they don't like or understand it. Keep on enjoying yourself :)

Comments deleted.

Enjoy your boring life but let others have fun, Joe.

  1. How can anyone enjoy something that’s boring? 2. Oh wow, you can use google. I’m so impressed. 3. Eat shit and die. Your life is less meaningful than mine. You have to hide in a fur suit and pretend you are something so far from what you are because you are worthless and know it. So you flock to other animal fuckers in a hope you can all find some sad group to be a part of until one day it clicks you’re too old for it to not be creepy and you’re left with nothing else. I would gladly give up my life, my home, my money, everything if it meant all of you would die painfully and slow.

Hi, I know that these are not for actual babies (just figured out what they are for LOL). But please add some info that this is not an actual pacifier. It would be a choking hazard at minimum.

Okay but how does someone choke on a 50mm piece o.O I don't even get it in my mouth.

Edit / removed - sorry I just checked the description, thanks!

No problem, I've added the info as you suggested :D