Bottle Opener and Cap GUN!

by 3Deddy Oct 15, 2019
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So, US penny is under 20mm and a nickel is just over 20mm. Feedback on the best choice? Also, what is the approx length of rubber band is that cutting?

running Simplify3D and cr10s and cannot get a clean handle from the supports any help? or advice?

The handle will be left with a bit of a rough finish. But this is part of the design and charm. After all, the real thing also has a rough print! ;-)
But you can tune support adhesion with nozzle temperature, extrusion rate and cooling. Also differs between filaments..

Success with tuning!

thanks will keep working on it .adding some100per layers to it will try again tonight Thanks :-)

Good luck. I have the same setup so I can share my Simplify3D settings?

Just got one side to print nice will try the other side tomorrow night

I would live to check them

Here you are... Try it out ore have a look at it. I use the medium quality.

Thanks I will check them out tonight

I can't print this on my Velleman Vertex Delta, it's a little bit too big :(

Good reason to upgrade!

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Hi, this I have a Tinkercad account named OpenAccount, my Username is kigeraw363@xmailweb.com and my Password is OpenAccount1.
Feel free to post what ever Design you want in it, just please do not delete any.

Hi, just uploaded my design ;)

I found the tolerances way too tight for my printer unfortunately... especially for something that is expected to slide, I needed it to be at least 0.4mm of spacing. just couldn't get the printed parts to connect to each other. :/

I'm sorry... 0.4 is quite a tolerance for any printer. Normally a clearance of 0.2 should be more than enough. But If you'r still interested a can make a version with more clearance. No problem!

Don't stress, just had to do a bunch of post processing with sand paper and remixed the pusher in tinkercad to get it to fit

Wouldn’t say “better”. The design choice I made where based on being more versatile. You can use any kind elastic band or string.
Nice of you to share your mod though. Makers can choose now.

This is so cool and would be the perfect birthday-gift for the party I am going to in one hour. Unfortunately printing taskes a "tiny bit" longer...

Is the spanner supposted to not align with the bed, but float and be printed with supports beneath it? (I really like that it works for caps in the Netherlands, cuz I live there too! Als je dit kan lezen, echt een heel mooi design!)

Hoi Jasper!

Dank voor je compliment! Ja ik kan het lezen.... hihi.. De trekker kan gewoon zonder support geprint worden met de gelijke kant op het bed. Let op het plaatje "print orientation"!

Succes met de make!

Bedankt voor je reactie! Maar ik bedoel niet de trekker, die kan gewoon neergelegd worden, maar de .stl genaamd de "Spanner". Als ik hem goed draai, zoals hij in de print orientation staat, blijft hij vliegen, en "make level with bed" in Cura werkt niet :(
Bedankt voor je hulp!

In Cura: toolbar links op je scherm > rotate > lay flat.

Ik weet dat die optie er is, ook "align face with bed", maar het werkt niet. Hij blijft gewoon vliegen :(
Ik probeer wel of ik het met de hand kan levelen

Gelukt! Kon z level gewoon op 0 zetten, nu werkt het gewoon :) Thx!

Laat ff weten of het lukt... Zo niet orienteer ik het anders voor je....

Oeps... je hebt gelijk.. te haastig gereageerd. Maf dat Cura dat nog niet kan. Simplify3D doet dit vanzelf.... Of met cont. L. Geen idee oof ik hier iets aan kan doen...

Hi, just wondering, where does the block go in the assembly? Also, would it be okay to scale it up in size a bit? My slicer program is saying it's too small to print.

goes in between the top two parts that slide

Please look closely at the assembly instruction by scrolling down the main thing page. No its not possible to enlarge the block sorry. If would mean a redesign. But it's not that small... Every printer should be able to print this and that's not up to you slicer to decide. ;-)

What slicer do you use and maybe others can help you finding the right settings?

Success and have fun with it!

I'm using Simplify3D and am printing on an Ender3. When I have the display run the print on my computer, the parts are just dots, they don't look like blocks. I don't know if that's just the quality and resolution of the software, or if it's gonna print like that. I'm going to give it a try later today though and I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the response.

I use Simplify3D myself and I know the warning... Ignore it. It will print fine as you can see in the assembly instruction in which I included a screen shot from the part orientation in Simplify3D.

Okay, thank you very much!

I just accidentaly prined the shell solid!

Oops.... try again!

Great idea and beautifully designed. Thank you for sharing it.
Unfortunately seems not to fit for german beer caps. I printed and assembled it but the cap does not fit trough the front of the barrel.
I may have some overextrusion, but not that much. What is the intended size of the front opening?


Really? I modeled based on the international standard for this caps. But there are always exotics. The German beer caps we have here the Netherlands all fit! Could you measure the cap? Hight and with? I'm happy to adjust the model for you... no problem.
Are you willing to test the new model I made for 32mm caps? I can upload the 2 body halfs here for you?

The front opening on my print is 27.8mm wide and 7.8mm high. The caps are close to 29mm x 7mm when still on the bottle and get wider when taken off.
If you have a larger version I will sure give it a try.

Well... here you are. Give it a shot! Now it's according the international standard DIN-norm 6099. Cap size 32.10...

Hope to hear from you soon!

Now it fits well. Big thank you!
Will post my make.

Comments deleted.

Oh wauw! Thank you so much for this feedback! Great great fun!
If it’s not to much trouble please post your make.

Briljant film!

I used 5 4x2mm magnets and glued them in because otherwise I would have to order one 12x2mm magnet and that is like 20 cents for the magnet and 8 euro for the shipping... DOH!!!

Great work around. Works just as well and nobody knows. Happy shooting! Oh and uncorking!

€ 1,27 | 10 pieces.


Free shipping.

Great design, thanks!! Got one question, what is the preferred diameter for the magnet?

Your right, that’s not mentioned in the BOQ! I’ll change that. It’s 2mm thick and 12mm round. But you can use smaller ones perfectly as long as they fit in the slot.

Good luck and can’t wait to see your make!

Thanks for sharing the project, it is wonderful, I am from Brazil and the coins have sizes outside the American or European standard, could pass the dimension (radius or diameter) and thickness to find something that can replace the coin or an old coin of Brazil that has these specifications?

Thank you very much


thank you for the compliments. I hope you will have lots of fun making and shooting. Cheers!

About your question. It's in the Post printing section. In the instructions... The 10 Euro cents is 20mm round and 2mm think. 1 dollar cent is about the same... If you found the Brazilian equivalent let me know!

Can't wait to see your make!

bonjour l’élastique ce fixe ou?


Can't read French but if you want to know how to fix the rubber band please read the assemble instructions... foto's included!

to make caps fly it needs something on one inside edge to put a spin on it as it goes out. thats how the old Italian game "Bottle cap" was done pitchers used side of finger to spin caps and had to ware bandage to keep finger from getting cut up. it was a type of poor boys ball game played in the streets long ago with the metal bottle caps an old broom stick and a couple make shift bases with at least 2 players on each team. if pitcher sent cap by batter and catcher caught cap without it being hit by bat (broomstick) its an out. once cap is hit batter ran to a base then next batter could hit a cap and man on base could run back to home base. etc. My old boss played this with our maintenance dept after we saved a bucket of caps up. we switched to plastic caps when they came out to save on finger cuts lol. took practice pitching.

Wow. haven't heard someone bring up bottle caps in a while. When I was a kid the guys at the corner bar would play bottlecaps in the alley.

Wow... what a story. So nice to know that there is even history involved in cap shooting! If I ever got caught in a competition I will drastically update this design. For now it easily reaches the maximum distance I have, that's across the living room! ;-)