Spool Winder

by les_kaye Oct 15, 2019
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Where are the rest of the files? Center spacer / The spool holder assembly on the left? I printed out the guide arm but have no place to attach it to! Maybe missing the mounting parts as well.
Why do you have 272 pictures in the image folder? Looks like many dupes and many have nothing to do with this device.

This Thing is my spool winder. The spool holder and the spacer are a separate Thing. Many people need the holder, not the winder.
The link to the spool holder is in the third paragraph of this Thing details but for your convenience it is here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3823334
I have no idea what the pictures are in the image folder. The images that I uploaded are shown in the item description. All others are automatically created by the web site which can be flaky at times. I have no access to edit or delete them them.

Spool Holder

Thanks for the FAST reply... I've download the spool holder and spacers, but how is the swing guide arm attached as in the photo? I don't see a pivot point where the arm would attach to pivot on. Is there some peg I have to glue in place?
Oh! side note: I saw your nozzle boxes... love that idea and will print that as well.

It rests in the V shape of the spool holder stand as per the 'photo.
I designed it for better control when I was using a power drill to do the winding however I just use the hand winder now and that is fine without the guide.

Nice design. Perfect thing to test my new 0.6mm nozzle on :)
If there is one thing I'd change. I would be to make the base wide enough to support 90mm wide spools. The spool axle is long enough to support a spool this wide but the base isn't.
These guys use spools this wide https://www.filament-pm.com/ and https://shop.prusa3d.com/ resells it. So it is not that uncommon.

The winder should take spools up to around 83mm wide less the thickness of the flanges if you need them. My spool holder will take wider spools so you could wind from a wide spool onto a narrower one.
For the winder to take a 90mm spool the easiest solution would be to scale the whole thing to 115% or a fraction bigger. I do not plan do do this as I do not need it. Were I to make the winder bigger it would mean that others who do not use wide spools would be printing a lot more plastic unnecessarily.
People wanting to use larger spools can scale the model easily if their slicing software permits it or by importing the STL files into a free 3D modelling app such as Blender.