Ai3M X-Carriage MK3 - Piezo Version

by Maleh3Dprntx Oct 20, 2019
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Please reupload.
The downloaded files are mess.
Thank you

Files aren't messed since there are no files (except the bedlevling test) for free download.

found a lot of empty stl files in the image folder, thought they don't belong herefor.

Is this an 8-bit board?
How can I send this payment to you?

How can I get this kit?

You can get in contact with me via mail or thingiverse pm, telling me your configuration (Bearing type, hotendtype...) and if you made sure you got the 8-bit board, you are able to use the sensor and can purchase the kit and I will send the project including stl, firmware, instructions etc.. I'm not providing the sensor itself.

Excuse me, can you guide me how to install the Piezo Orion Kit or can I make a movie?

Yes of course there is a Guide on the Installation but what do you mean with making a movie?

Would this also work with a drilled or undrilled 20 or 27mm "normal" Piezo and the Universal PCB?
Because I've got these things already lying around.

The basic principle itslef would work with all other types of piezo sensors, but it will not fit my 3d modelled parts.

This is exactly what I feared ;-(

If we've got already the AI3M MK3 Carriage, what do we need to reprint for it to work? Also, we need to buy the Piezo Orion Kit (35GBP)?

Thanks in advance!

The upgrade is based on the regular MK3 so you'll have to reprint a new Frontplate, Coverplate and two other parts I designed and tested for the Piezo mounting. Baseplate etc. stays on the printer so you don't have to disassemble the rods again etc. Fanduct also stays the same. It is also possible to use the dragchain, igus or whatever configuration you had for the MK3 (beside BLtouch stuff because it is obviously replaced by the Piezo-system). Beside the print parts I'm providing a full detail guide, firmware & individual support.
I'm not the Piezo seller and I don't earn any portion of a sold sensor so basically: Yes you have to buy the Piezo BUT its the PCB only (24,99) (https://www.precisionpiezo.co.uk/product-page/precision-piezo-orion-pcb) NOT the whole Piezo Orion Kit. For the upgrade only the PCB is needed since my system includes a proper mounting solution of the sensor for my Carriage design.

Which types of modifications do i need to do to the default machine? Regarding soldering, etc. I would like to know if i need to drill new holes/solder at the PCB/disable other features. Before i buy. Thanks in advance! <3

Basically you have to make sure that you're owner of the 8-bit version if so you only have to solder 1x to grab the signal pin for the Piezo. Beside that you will have to lay down 3wires for the Piezo running from the board to the sensor at the hotend. There is no need in drilling any holes or modifications of the Mainboard. Since I'm providing a ready to use firmware you only need to flash the firmware file to enable the optimized settings for the Piezo system.

Yeah i've got the 8-Bit, and i need to solder wires to the piezo, and then i connect i suspect duponts to the board? No need to solder anything to the board? No need to disconnect anything?

Thanks in advance, also whenever you answer, check my private message cuz ima buy it.

No soldering on the mainboard needed. The sensor itself is connected via a 3 Pin dupont connector. On the mainboard we grabbing 5V and (-) with a 2 Pin dupont and the signal pin is connected to a endstop signal.