T-800 Single and 3 Piece High Detail Head

by Geoffro Jul 12, 2014
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I'm going to use this for a kettlebell. stick a handle on it, pour it in concrete.

Loved it although had some serious issues during printing with the pipes at the back (I mentioned that at my make so check that entry).
Scaled up to 150% and this is a perfect size if you ask me. Costs you some filament and printing time but the result is great !

Would like to request some holes and knobs at the 3 piece files to get perfect alignment when one glues the pieces together, as this was a big struggle for me and I the result was far from perfect (will need to sand and fill my way out of that).

But a big shout out to Geoffro for this great design !

Hi there! Could you give some basic settings to print the pieces????

I am new. Thanks

I’m having problems with the mid file.
Loading int Repitier, it’s giving me a ‘Not Manifold’ error

Any chance you can upload a fixed file?

Best regards

Anyone out there that can help me out here - the cap of the models head when I print it in s3d I seem to get an uneven first layer as when the first layer goes down on my print bed it only prints half and then on the second layer it starts to print the complete section which causes a bit of a problem? Instead of the first layer been printed in 1 complete layer it seems to print in 2 different sections which causes an uneven first few layer - any idea's ?

Same thing happened to me. In Cura slicer, pick Rotate | Lay Flat before printing.

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Any advice on printing this?
I'd like to use PLA. What infill % should I use? Is 10% enough? Support needed?
And what is the advantage in printing three different parts compared to the one piece high res other than the possibility to have a larger model?

watching this great work so far loving it :) thanks for sharing and making this an awsome model

would love to see the other mods you plan

If i wanted to use this as a headphone stand, how big should it be?


I am unable to print mid.stl or t800_HD_FULL.stl using repetier-host v2.0.5 (that, along with the latest slic3rPE 1.3.0dev are my preferred tools right now). I keep getting the "object is not manifold" error message.

I have tried to repair both files via a number of free tools out there (latest versions of meshmixer, microsoft, netfabb, repetier/slic3r, cura 3.1, ideamaker, etc) but no success.

I thought I had succeeded with meshmixer but turns out that if I reloaded the "mixed" mid.stl or t800_HD_FULL.stl that the model was still indicating in repetier that the model was damaged.

I see that 28 users have indicated they have made this project. Can anyone provide details on how they were able to fix the mesh problems in either file and print successfully, whether in the 3 part of single part version?

many thanks in advance

Hi there, nice model! someone know if I can print the full skull or the 3 parts without infill? and another question, Slic3r tells me the mid part has water tight problems, and when I go to netfabb I can't repair it, my question is.. can I print it anyways ? the slice looks good but Idk if it has failures, thanks a lot!

If you were to print it with no infill, you would probably have trouble with the nozzle pushing the print with PLA. Slic3r is trying to tell you that water can get into the print, which wouldn't make a difference. To print the three different parts would be with gaps so either way you cannot do anything about it.

The middle section says it will take 35 days to print LOL what am i doing wrong? I got the top and bottom done and they look great!

Haha, probably just a glitch in your slicer. Have you gotten it figured out?

I have tried to print this about 15 times and my extruder keeps running in to the chin after about 50% of the way through the chin portion of the build. It keeps curling up enough to gradually build/block the extruder. Any advice on how to get around this?

I've tried printing in PLA and PET+ and I have plenty of cooling. I'm stumped!

I have made the full head hollow, but I have no idea how to open it up without causing damage (to add leds and a battery pack)
How hard would it be to cut a hole in the top/back which had a clip (like battery covers on toys) to cover it back up with the part that was removed?
I managed to successfully print a hollow version of this, but cant access the insides.

great! i really want to try this

I would love to print the shoulder's to go with this ... currently printing this at 110% ....3D Printed T-800... my goal in life :p

Plus have you got any more 1:1 bust's your planning like this .

When I have them printed well, I will upload the Torso!

Did you finish the torso?

So you are currently sculpting the torso ?

Wow I never imagined you might have to take all that into account, me and my ignorance :-s I guess might be better for me to keep trying to use support with the tail util it works. thanks for info Geoffro very much appreciated. PS still getting ready for the full t-800 model might not be going down the spray paint route, but a cheap fake chrome brush plating which only 40 pounds :-)

I am more than happy to cut up the devilman for you if you want? I have not printed that one yet so I will cut and upload a remix of it.

Really, wow :-) that would be great thank you. the amount of prints trying to get the support perfect for the tail, arms and hands to print has been a challenge. Its such a classic model, based on one of my top ten classic 80s anime

Geoffro how did youi cut up the t-800 model? im trying to work out to cut up devilman v2 model arms and tail so I can get a better quality print, any tips would be very much appreciated.

Well, the problem is mainly if the model is already in Hi-res format, because there are just so many polygons slicing it manually with a digital knife is a bit tricky. Essentially, I just use Blender and the cut feature. In Blender, in edit mode press A to select all vertices. Press K (for cut) and then press Z on the keyboard, which cuts through the model. I also press C to constrain the axis, so I get a uniform cut at 0 or 45' degrees, but you can not press K and slice at any angle, but it can get messy sometimes on a high poly object. There are many ways of also cutting objects, ie booleans etc, but they can lead to some pretty catastrophic holes in the mesh that even netfabb has a hard time fixing. For the T800 head, I went back to the Low res model, cut it while it was low res then I resculpted the 3 pieces and then cut 1mm off each flat end so you didn't see the mess from the sculpting.

Is the jaw moveable when assembled? I can not tell from the pics

No, it is a solid model.

I'm trying to replicate that cool made t800 with led eyes and clock "along with other cool models!", what would be the best way to edit the STL to hollow out the eyes?

Print it with 0% infill? How did it go?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't get the Middle piece to slice. I've tried it in Cura and Slic3r and they both give me errors. I tried running it through Netfabb and still nothing. I don't have a makerbot so I can't use Makerware, but is there anyway you could try in Cura or Slic3r and let me know if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks.

any chance of getting the T-800 skull with the round cpu chamber above the right eye on the forehead?

i was hoping to cut out the chamber and print a small cpu replica piece to slide inside

Done, its a big upload tho.
I have put a screw cap Round CPU chamber in the head in the appropriate spot, all I need to do is print it out now and make sure the screw and hole works ok as far as tolerances go, would have someone to print it out and it to be off, so Im printing a 1/2 size one today for a test, literally give me 6 hours and it will be finished

Did this version get uploaded? I'd love to print it. Cheers

Awesome! Much appreciated, can't wait to hear your results and give it a go myself!

tubes are bit problematic feature, they sometimes snap :(
especially on the jaw part.
it would be cool if You did post just 'replacement tube set' bundled for print with tiny supports so they could be then separated after print and glued to the model separately ...

not a bad idea, i'll get on it

This is really cool! My idea is to extrude a cut through the top of the head and put some supports on the back and make a cup holder out of it for my chair at work. My only problem is figuring out how to modify these stl files. Is there any way we can get access to a .stp file?

As I can make head 1:1? percentage or measures that have 1:1 scale

it is not sized to scale, you would need to figure out the increased size. My best advice, download a full skull, increase the scale until you have something that is around 7.5"x 9.5" on the cranium/top. Just from looking at the movies, I would scale it up about 24-30%

the model full hd to SCALE 1,84,this perfect thanks ,

The jaw still is a little off level on the print bed at .1 layer height it only prints half of the model surface on the first layer. It seems fine from layer 2 onwards. The mid section slices weird with Slic3r, it cuts out a large chunk of the model where the eyes are and replaces that whole section with support material. It generates a lot of "unable to close this loop" errors. Meshmixer inspector shows a few errors. This all very well could be user error on my part! I'm gonna try some more slicing.
Good job otherwise though. Awesome looking models!

I am slicing it in Makerware and the jaw is sitting on layer 0, no idea what's going on there. Does your software not have a tilt feature?

what software dd you use to mod an stl file, iv looked at some but never seems to give me true access to mod them

you load them like an ordinary model and change the mesh itself.

Hi very nice this is great job. is there a problem with the jaw part as i am printing and the rear part dont touch print bed so makes a mess and not printing with support Thanks

oh sorry, thanks for pointing that out, ill fix it now.

Thanks you do some great models, is this 1:1 scale?

No, if you were to put all 3 together it would be a max build size. Typically, measure from edges of your eye sockets and scale the middle section to that width, then scale the other 2 parts accordingly.

oh well printed jaw at the same scale with the errors, also printing your stormtrooper wearable part1 at moment trying
fast 0.20
5% infill
2 shells
no support
this will be intresting

This is great, Geoff! You're a 3D master!

Nice! Any chance you could post the Head as one full piece for those of us that would like to print it in one piece? :)

That would require a resculpt of the other one again, but yeah, I could do it. These parts were detailed after they were cut, and honestly just so I could work with them easier - the entire model at full res is a few million polys and the second you try and vew a mesh topography of that many verts, my pc struggles, cutting it up was also another way to increase the detail without the painful cpu processing. The unprocessed mesh is over 500mb, which is just too bug to upload here, I can optimise it to probably 80mb, but any less and it's going low poly and you might as well print the pre-existing ones. I did this for 1:1 scale. I see no reason I could not do the entire body.

So, are you saying if I would want to print it in 1 piece, i should take the older model, or this one? :)

This one, but the other has built in small supports for the chin, some printers dont need it, some do, I'd give it a print, if you get past the chin then you are ok.

Ok... Thank you!
I will try it either this weekend or the next one, gotta see how much PLA i have left... Will try this one.
Thanks again for your responses : ) You are Awesome!