Borderlands Duke

by Kallunke Oct 22, 2019
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Is there a file with all the parts assembled? It would be great for printing in resin at a smaller scale. :)

Just added the full model, be sure to post a make if you print it!

I have printed all the parts. wish there was a tutorial on how to put it all together. i can possibly peace it all together with all the photos provided.
Edit: also could you list all the paints you used during the project? I'd love to get a hold of the pallet.

i loosely based my paintjob on the attached screenshot, and all the "metal" parts are painted with "ak interactive true metal wax" in steel and aluminum. The green and black are just normal vallejo acrylic paint. i hope you successfully completed the puzzle^^

Just what I needed! Thanks!

hey. thanks for that image. bang on. I have been saving them in the bank but most have a variation to this, a cover that runs along the sight rail to the hammer. maybe my first attempt to use fusion 360. will be doing a well used rusty version and hoping to do an 'echo'. very nice work. im amazed at the fit. thank you

i would highly suggest giving fusion a go! 3d printing is big fun while printing models from the internet but it becomes 10x more enjoyable if you create the model yourself. And there a a ton of beginner guides on youtube, so the start shouldnt be too frustrating.

do you remember what level / colour rating you based this model on? …. there are so many colour schemes /build variations i'm printing a couple more off. excellent model to work on … all fits together beautifully. thank you.

it was this one but my painting skills were not up to par to recreate it faithfully. as for level and such, i accidently sold the gun^^ and good luck finding the same gun twice in this game

wow! the 'duke'. one of the nicest things I've ever printed. the fit on this is excellent. very impressed with your work. great subject matter too. thankyou.

just in primer … will post finished images.

Glad you like it! its not the fastest print but i thinks its worth the wait, because that has to be the coolest gun i have ever seen in a game^^ i am realy curious to see how your print turns out!

Gun looks great. Your modelling skills are impressive.