Robo3D Z axis stabilisation

by Stargrove1 Jul 13, 2014
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What is the new Z max height with this? It appears that it will reduce the maximum height.

The new height is about 180mm (depends also of the installed extruder, I measured with my direct drive extruder http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:519320), most of the stabilizers reduce it a little bit, the improvement at high objects was worth it in my opinion. On the other hand, you can remove the stabs quite easy for the few cases where the full height of the Robo is required.

(Robo3D) E3D hotend direct drive (geared/non geared) extruder

Hi, did you replace the default threaded rods? They are slightly bent and I'm afraid locking them up in a bearing at the top won't work well...

Hello, mine are bent too, but this is no problem, they still work normally. I replaced one of the axis couplers since this one was out of center, that improved the print qualitly a lot.

Hello, nice idea!
I have similar issues on threaded rods and I was thinking to not constrain them a lot and just fix in position the other rod... eventually I will start to test them without ball bearings, if not give the result expected I will eventually change threaded rods and axis couplers (same issue as you there).

Meanwhile I replaced the threaded rods by a pair of straight metric rods and both of the couplers. This helped a lot.

You did order from robo3D?
Them have a not theaded part inserted on axis couplers or they are full threaded? I did never dare to disassemble them...

No, I ordered them from an ebay shop here in Europe, shipping and tax would have been quite expensive from Robo3D since I live in Germany. I don't know about the parts from Robo, I ordered 1m and cut them to the correct length, and inserted the threaded part to the coupler. They are centered well by the replacement couplers.

Great! Could you please send me in private message the link to the eBay object? I live in Italy and have the same your issue... U did change the nut to metric then ?

Here is the link, but it was Amazon and not ebay:


But you could use any stainless steel M8 rod.

Yes you also need to change the nuts and the firmware (check out the Robo3D Forum, there is the required information). The nuts were slightly bigger than the stock. I took a file and took of a little material all around the nut, then it fitted well.

Thanks a lot! Btw atm I'm printing the pair of objects this time using Slic3r (used in past with Cura) and is fine: I have already another stabilizer installed that work pretty good in X axis but not in Y so maybe I will put both loosing a bit of Z lenght.
Those are the other stabilizer, I will made some test with and without them and yours: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:278484
Btw I did slow down also the acceleration of the stepper to avoid too much vibration on direction changes and I solve also a problem of loosed steps bwt...

Robo 3D Adjustable Z Axis Support and Stabilizer

This is the making of your objects, first part ;)