by AtariJeff Jul 13, 2014
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STEP file for arm uploaded as requested.

Hi there, I was wondering if it was possible to post a Solidworks file for the arms so I can get the true dimensions. This would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Atari Jeff,
Would you be able to post all 4 channels from your mixer editor settings with the KK2?
Thanks so much,

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Thanks so much for your reply. Do you think the FrSky Taranis XD9 would work okay with the FrSky D8R-XP receiver?

They are the same brand so I don't see why not. Check the specs for the XD9 to be sure.

What kind of FrSky radio are you using? Would the FrSky Taranis XD9 work fine? Also, would you possibly have the files to 3D print a protective case for the KK2.1 controller board like the one you have?

The receiver is a FrSky D8R-XP and the transmitter is a modified Turnigy 9X with a FrSky DJT module. I used the kits from Smartieparts.com. The KK2.1 case is here on Thingiverse. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:214892

New KK2.1 Top case

I have added some pics of the KK2.1 setup

I'm running a kk2.1 with the qbrain too. Would you mind posting your mixer, PI and auto-level settings?

Atarijeff, Thanks so much for your reply. The step file will be of great help to me. I will definitely post pics, I'm hoping to build a gimbal mount for my gopro to attatch to the frame as well.

I have uploaded a STEP version of the plate. This should be able to be imported into most CAD packages. I printed the plate at 100% infill and the arms at 40%. I think it's possible to go even less infill with the arms and save weight. I would love to see pics of your finished quad.

AtariJeff, could you provide information on the percent infill you used to print these parts? Also, I have a laser printer that I want to use to make the plate so I can use a material other than PLS, or ABS. Is there any way you could upload a .ipt, or .dwg file for the plate so I could have access to true dimensions? The .stl files don't have dimensions in Autodesk Inventor. Thank you for providing information on the electronics you used in your project.

I used Turnigy 2213-980Kv motors, 10x4.5 slo-fly props, 2200mAh 3S battery, FrSky D8R-XP receiver, Q Brain 4x25 ESC, KK2.1 FC. If you are not using the telemetry I recommend getting a battery monitor that will beep when the battery gets low.

ordering parts now while i print this! what size are the motors? (my first quad) are there other parts also? i.e battery etc.

Great job!
Lots of little tweaks that should add some durability.