Mini LiMbO H Quad copter

by mojobromley Jul 14, 2014
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File might be corrupt, Try re-downloading or use NetFab to Repair model.
I have printed many copies with no issues.

When I try to load the 'main plate' it shows as just one layer and does not seem to load properly .. is it some software setting ?

Hey, i love this build and i was wondering if you could provide a parts list, namely, the boards you used for the quadcopter. I'm a college student and i am building a quadcopter for a class project.Ii have absolutely no experience with quadcopter so i don't really know what kinds of boards i need in order to make things run.


See the YouTube video for specs!

Hi, What size frame is this? I am looking for a 250 and would like to use this if it is the right size, thanks

It is modeled after the CloneOut. I haven't measured but somewhere between 220mm and 250mm.

nice design..... looks really strong.

With a KK2 alot like the Cloneout Mini H.
The lower center of gravity helps. still working out the bugs.
Please leave feedback and suggestions.

Can I get the settings for the KK 2? I have a tough time getting it setup.

What issues are you having?
Will have to look at the settings I had, Now using the Naze32.
The KK flew fine for me most settings were stock.
I'll see if I can power the KK up this w/e.

It is a little shaky with the kk, But is the Naze32 better?

What does it fly like?