SMD Component Magazines

by robin7331 Nov 2, 2019
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I love this concept! I wanted to print quite a few of these so I experimented a bit to get the print time down. With the stock compliant magazines I'm getting good functional prints with 1mm line width, .52mm layer height, single wall w/ 15% infill and 60mm/s print speed, with a .8mm nozzle and volcano hotend. Under 40 minutes per 15mm magazine with these settings.

For the rails I'm doing .52 layer height and 1.2mm line width in vase mode, I posted a make with pics. Instead of mounting with screws I'll just stick a piece of bar stock or something through the hole and clamp it down to my workbench if I want it rigidly mounted for something.

I'm using a dymo thermal label printer instead of the ptouch style tape labels and so far the adhesive is sticking right to the print without modification.

Hi, I noticed something and wanted to make a suggestion. Maybe what I see is intentional so never mind me!
In the picture at the arrow there is a thin spot that with default settings the slicer does not fill and would be a potential weak spot.
I was able to fix this but some may not see it or be able to fix.
Maybe making the flat side a tiny but thicker would help?

Are you ok with enabling the Treatstock print service app so people could order these printed?
Or is it ok to download the STL files and use a print service to make the parts?
Thanks for your thoughts.

This is a really solid design - kudos - and thank you very much for sharing the Fusion 360 models in addition to the meshes. I'm tired of having to re-model things that people only shared as STLs, so that I can make parametric changes.

As an experiment, I took your compliant magazine design and slimmed it down, since the 15mm one is quite a bit wider than necessary for the ubiquitous 8mm tape. Worried that this would make it easier for the tape to slip free, I added a lip around the rim to encourage the tape to stay in its track. The lip is chamfered so no supports are needed, and you can still slip the tape in from the side. I was able to get it down to 10mm, for a perfect fit with 8mm tape. Seems to work!

Nice! It's fantastic to see how others have taken my original design and how great designs like this one by Robin inspires people to enhance it further. Great fun to see how you re-added the lip that I had in the original. Someone else also re-introduced the large center hole that make it easy to use tweezers for tight loading of the strip.

Mx SMD component strip holder
by Maxint

Very nice! And thank you for the donation! :)
Jep I do not see any reason not to publish F360 files for this project.
People just have to be able to easily make modifications to fit their needs.

I know that the 8mm tape is probably the most used width with these magazines.
Yet I chose to go with 15mm because I felt it was just a bit more stable on the rail.
Also If I would also provide many more widths there were just too many STL files :/

But again, thats the reason for the F360 project being released with user parameters :)

Happy tinkering!

In case anyone else is dumb like me and put the labels on the wrong side, I made a flipped angle DIN rail base (copied the original rail's dimensions best I could): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4004053

SMD Magazine Rail (Flipped)

Request: mirror the model somewhere else so it's not exclusive to here. Anywhere is fine.

Thats just the spring shining through the wall. I've inserted that for demonstrational purposes.
You do not print that spring. I do not know what tool you are using but make sure to select only the magazine base for 3D printing and not with the screw and/or spring.

What board holder and vacuum tool is that on the fourth picture? Couldn't find anything like those and they look really nice.

Its just a 12v vacuum pump from amazon with a luer lock syringe. But building a proper pickup tool might be one of my next projects.

Ah thank you! And what board holder is that?

These springs work: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D771QGH/
Also, us Americans can use #4 x 3/4" sheet metal screws, if we drill the hole in the latch bar a bit oversize.

Great project! HUge thanks to the designer!

My only suggestion would be to thicken the compliant mechanism's linkage. It seems a bit fragile. It may be working, though.


Have you tried it already?
I've spent a bit of time balancing the stiffness of the part.
It's of course also dependant on the material your printing. I've tested ABS and PLA and it seems to work fine.
If you are unhappy you might want to open the Fusion 360 project and change the "stiffness" User Parameter.
Default is 1.0. You might want to try 1.1 or 1.2.

I'm not an expert with Fusion 360... can I assume that the .step file doesn't include the sketch, so there's no way to change parameters such as opening size, width, etc? I have to actually modify the solid myself?

Jep. Unfortunately those parameters are a feature that Fusion 360 provides.
But it is not hard to do that in Fusion. Even if you are not an expert.

  1. Open the User Parameters
  2. Change the values you'd like to adjust and close the dialog
  3. Right click the part and hit Save as STL

(Screenshots attached)

I guess my comment was prompted by the fact that I don't see any option to change parameters:

Wait.. you did download the Fusion 360 project, right?
Its a link in the things description and not part of the downloaded files.
That link will lead to a Fusion 360 website.
On the upper right corner you get a download button. Choose Fusion 360 Archive.
Then open that File in Fusion.

When I download and open the file things seem to work just fine.
Here's another trick.
When you press the "s" key you should get a prompt. What if you type "parameter". Do you see it then?

Oh thats odd.
Need to investigate this. Likely a bug with sharing Fusion 360 projects.

Odd, I swear I posted this reply already, but I don't see it... you are correct, I downloaded the .step file, not the Fusion 360 project file. I'll get the project file and try it out. Thanks for clarifying.

Very cool project! I printed these up today, using the compliant version. Can't wait to build some more boards to try them out! Printing more cartridges as we speak.

Dude, this is a great design! Will print this in the near future! I love the compliant addition!
Perfect video and presentation of the whole. Love it!

This is a brilliant design and my printer is now working on the 2nd batch of 6 cartridges.
One remark about the 'rails'.
Could you also make one with the hole for a weight at the bottom? Then it doesn't matter what height is used for the weight, so the foam will have the same pressure on all positions.

Also DIN rail size would make it perfect.

Nice design. Have you tried making it without the need for springs and screws before opting for that solution?

Very nice solution! Conrats! :)

A closing plate fot the most left compartment would be cool...
currently, i simply print one upside down, partially sunk into the printbed to get the bottom only...

Dude the compliant version ist awesome as heck! Thanks a lot!
Even prints on my crappy Printer. Also excellent execution on the compliant mechanism.

That clicking sound is soo satisfying <3

Masterpiece :D

In the fusion project there is only the rail. Could you also include the magazine? Would be great!

turns out the reel body is hidden in the project. if you download the fusion360 archive and load it into fusion then you can make is visible and work on it.

But sadly not the compliant version

You are right. That was unintentional!
I've just added the compliant version as Fusion project to the description.
Happy printing :)

Thanks for that!

Indeed. I had some taller caps so i had to import and fiddle with the STL. not ideal.

Yes, Please include the magazine. I think this is an awesome project and I want to better understand the design to help me build better designs. Thanks

This is an awesome idea. Might have to remix for DIN rails and it would be perfect. Then you could use DIN rails instead of having to print rails. Get a few long pieces and you have prefect wall organization and storage.

Do you mind open sourcing your design files and or exporting STEP files? I want to modify this to fit the screws I have.

Eagerly awaiting the compliant version as I don't really want to mess with springs.

Of course thingiverse doesn't notify you of reply comments apparently. Printing soon!

This is awesome, can't wait to print some and organize my bowl-of-SMD-spaghetti storage. Do you think it can be scaled to store LED strip remnants? I've got dozens of leftovers that are too short to coil back on spools.

Brilliant - Simply Brilliant
Seriously gonna print out a set of these for my bench

this is such a cool design ;3 Wish there would be one like this for heatshrinks of different color/size!

Great design. What size of spring did you use?

Thanks! I've used a 0.5 x 20 x 5.5 compression spring.
You might want to take a look at the 'Instructions.pdf' that comes with the files.
There are detailed infos about the components required.

Edit: I removed the PDF file and instead updated the thingiverse description.

Fantastic! Now to figure out all the tapes I have laying around unmarked. :)

I know exactly what you mean :)

Hi Robin, very nice design and a great video as well. Thank you for mentioning me and my original design that inspired you to design yours; developing it several leaps forward. Well done!

Mx SMD component strip holder
by Maxint

You are very welcome!
I've also added the link to your design to the video description. :)

Great! I included some text and a link to your design below the description of my thing (in the custom section that also lists some other related designs and remixes)..