Rubik's Cube Robot Carrying Case, Fully 3D-Printed

by otvinta3d Nov 5, 2019
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I did get the corners printed right and they are installed. My final challenge are the hinges. I have tried 15, 25, 40 and 50% infill and they break when I try to get them to flex. I have tried different shells and top and bottom layers and also .20 and .25 LH and all of them have failed in breaking the bind so they would work as hinges. I must be missing something and I have tried it on 2 different printers.

Once these are done I can post it.

PS: Just noticed you posted this on my birthday 11/5

The key is to remove all support structures entirely before trying to actuate the two halves. You can also try to reduce the extruder multiplier a little in your slicer software. If all of that fails, contact us via email, I may be able to create a custom version of the model for you with a wider gap between the moving parts.

I will give it a shot and let you know. Thanks for your help.

The corners are a challenge for me. I printed them corner side down like they fell on the platform when I imported them and added a raft and some hair spray on the build plate. They eventually fell off the platform early on.

I tried to turn them 125 and 25 degrees on the x and y (or y and x?) and it required enough support (even set for "from build platform only") to add over an hour to each so an educated guess or response as to how to print these would be appreciated. Rudy

I will get reply to you via email.

mierda!!!!! esta genial muy buen trabajo

All bolted/screwed together? Love it. I've been trying to think of a system for making cases larger than build volume. Very nice.

The overall dimensions?

Approximately 400mm x 350mm x 280mm, not counting the corners, hinges, latches and handle.