Spool for Laywoo-D3 3mm and 1.75mm

by 3Dprintergear Dec 29, 2012
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This looks really nice.
I've got a question though.

Will it fit the "Low friction spool holder" that I'm using?

Low friction spool holder
Comments deleted.

had to resize it a little to fit on my duplicator i3. The arms can be a bit shorter though.
Otherwise a nice cheap design. Thanks!

U holders are far too small. This struggles to hold 1lb of filament.

Lovely. Hole is perfect diameter for my spool set up. Holds my loose filament well. Not tried printing with it yet. Very pleased over all.
Probably a print error on my behalf, but the bolt holes were all a millimeter too thin. But nothing a pointy thing couldn't fix.

Update: i managed to break an arm, so easily reprinted. decided to make a remix as well. My favorite printed spool holder.

I made two of these. I used them. And I'm not happy. Entangled filament and drops (diameter 3 mm). Several times ruined my printout. I do not recommend.

Hole in the middle of the spool is just 2mm diameter too small to fit on the spool holder.
I like the design.

But looks like I'll have to make my own in openscad with larger hole.
hole centres 7.5mm apart on arms - guess I can still use your arms.

Had a thought. resized the hub to 110% in makerware and reduced the height, so it prints quicker. If I enlarge the arms also to 110% everything should still fit and the hole will be big enough to fit my spool holder. I'll let you know how well it works :-)

worked brilliantly ! hardest part was getting the laywood roll unrolled and wound onto the spool.

Great design, and for any flashforge creator users - print at 110% and it'll fit the standard print spool holders :-)

Oh yeah and instead of bolts, just use small cable ties. Just as strong.

Update. While it looks good, it's totally nonfunctional ! lol
Arms are too long and catch the filament and snap it. Even with a spacer to push it nearer the locking nut it's just too big to turn.

So what i actually need is one with arms about half the length and a bigger middle.
Guess I'll have to make my own after all :-)

Superb design! I'm gonna unspool it and spool it again to prevent any possible tangles. Think I will be able to sleep in peace tonight. Thank you for uploading!!! :))

This spool won't fit an Ultimaker 2. Any recommendations?

Works fine except for spooling on the filament which has a bad lay and has a tendency to tangle itself.

Yes totally agree. Not sure what can be done about that though. Maybe one day it will be sold on reels and we won't need to print our own!

This thing goes really well with the "Ultimaker Filament Spool Brackets"
Provided that you have an Ultimaker, that is :)

Ultimaker Filament Spool Brackets
by Bradley

Printed nice and quick! Thanks!

You are welcome!