PwnCNC Dust Boot v2

by PwnCNC Nov 8, 2019
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Your link to the hardware pack appears to be out of date. It would also be nice if there was a list of parts for "if you 3d print the boot parts, buy these things" (e.g. I don't see anything in your hardware list about magnets).

I clarified the description and updated the link. Also took a swing at the hardware pack product to make it far clearer exactly what you need.

You mention version 2f to be wider. Does this affect the size of the acrylic parts?

v2f includes deeper magnets nothing is wider though. The boot shape does not change, only the depth of the magnets used. Going from 6x3mm to 6x4mm.

What's the difference between the V2 and V2a versions? Which do you recommend using and why?

Hello MaverickMaker, v2a is an improvement to v2. Specifically v2a includes bigger heat-insert holes and I've converted the brush groove into a track. This way folks can slide in the brush rather than press-fit it into place.
For both versions, I have the hardware pack still available.
If i were to print them myself, I'd definitely choose v2a since it has the better/larger paired hardware parts. And the slide-in track is super nice!

Thanks for the design. I love it. Where did you buy your brush from? I can't seem to find any that would work/look similar to yours. thanks!

Just replying should anyone else have the same question. I found two places you can buy "flex door brush" online. https://www.northshorecommercialdoor.com/actind-flexbrush-seal-b07-flex.html
and on mc-masters carr website.

hope that helps someone. n