Customizable glasses case / rounded box with lid

by zeno4ever Nov 8, 2019
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Thanks for your tip, I did see the untidy previews but always had the impression that it this could hurt. Will take care of this in my next design.

Glad you found it interesting! :-)

(With complex objects, the effect sometimes screws up proper meshing if you change something completely unrelated, which can be quite confusing. Typically, you get an error message "non manifold object" on export, or sometimes the slicer creates a single solid layer in what should be an open face ...)

As a general tip, in OpenSCAD the bodies that are subtracted from other bodies should always extend beyond the original object where open faces are desired.

The reason for this is that in digital computing, floating point numbers are of finite accuracy, so subtracting something of "equal" size, which would be fine in theory, doesn't work in practice, because due to the inevitable inaccuracies, some tiny bits of object always fail to be removed properly.

You might have noticed that your previews look "untidy" in the open faces ... that's the result of this effect.

Just make the sutracted body 0.01 mm higher than theoretically required, and all will look fine and work reliably.

Very good job but it make just a case ?

My version : OpenSCAD version 2019.05

//Make the objects
translate ([0,width+20,0]) makecase();

It's missing...?:

//Make the objects
translate ([0,width+20,0]) makelid();


//Make the objects
//makecase & lid();
translate ([0,width+100,0]) makecase();
translate ([0,width+20,0]) makelid();

Oeps.. the module was commented out, just updated the scad file.

Super cool !!! Work great.