E3D V6 mount for ultimaker original

by RaiX Jul 16, 2014
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you screwed XY up my friend. the word "original" is misleading....major tweaks for the UM2 needed

hi. this is very good.
just i need to change design .
you can upload just XY holder.
no fan and holder for e3d.
just xy holder


It would be possible that you can make a version with 11mm bearing outer diameter.


Hi, I see you put the original heater into a normal e3d heater block, did you experience any downsides from the cartridge being exposed to the air since its so much longer than the normal ones?

From my experience of it, this model is really bad.
I've printed and used it to mount my brand new E3D V6 on my ultimaker Original +, and it don't work for me.
Firstly, the clamping systeme of the hot-end is to loose and the entire extruder wiggle around (something like .3 mm) during printing.
Then there is no clamping systeme for the berings so at the begining they fit very well but after just a few days , printing about 6 to 10 hours a day, they begin to come out of the mount during printing.
So it did'nt work at all for me and whith this comment I want to make you aware of thoose problems to help you to improve your design.

I didn't notice what you say. I think that you printed it with a little distortion on dimesions, you need to perfect calibrate your printer. I installed the bearings using an hammer, they 100% don't move. My hotted, for the same reasons, clamps perfectly.

will an lm8uu fit in the mount?

Very great, thing works very well, thanks! I also wanted to know, you have 40mm x 4mm fans, are they both 12 Volts? As the Ultimaker can put out 19V off the fans. This will result in smoke I think. What voltage were your fans? Thanks!

Does anyone know if this fits ultimaker 2?

In short, yes it fits, but XY axes are different and you will find that fans are actually mounted in front and back, so it needs some modding

thx. I printed one but the bearing seems not fitting. I am not using cooling fan so I am okay with the orientation. I adopted another design which is working great.

Hey Rai, did you delete the sldprt file from youimagine, because I cannot find it on there. I wanted to update the model to use different bearings. Would it be possible for you to send the file to me or upload here. It's a nice design that would take time to make from scratch.


he RaiX

i wanted to design my own.
Do you have any idea what the horizontal distance between te x and y rod is?


What about the electronic part? How do you mount the new extruder and 3 fans instead of one on an Ultimaker card? I bought 12V fans, is that ok? The regular Ultimaker extruder fan works with 19V.

a bit late for a reply but if im not wrong 12v +12v in serial -> 24 v, fan can handles surplus volts in this configuration . ;)

I would like to use this mount, but have 8mm rods with 15mm OD bearings.

I tried to open the SLDPRT file on youmagine with Inventor Fusion, which supposedly will open that file but wouldn't.

Would you possibly be able to list a version 15mm OD x 45mm long bearings (that suit 8mm rods)?

It would be much appreciated...this mount looks great!

Hi, this is the best mount ever!
Found the CAD files on youmagine!
Thanks, stay awesome!

Can I reuse the fan, heating resistor, thermocouple and bearings provided with the Ultimaker? What exactly do I need to buy from E3D to make it work? I can see I need the metal parts, even if I don't know which one (this one: http://e3d-online.com/E3D-v6/Metal-Only/v6-3mm-Bowden-Metal-Only or http://e3d-online.com/E3D-v6/Metal-Only/v6-3mm-Direct-Metal-Only ), and a fan, obviously, but for the rest, it's foggy...

Not the fan, you need 40mm fans, also you need 30mm fan for the hot end, it's not designed to use the original heater block but you can use the heating resistor from the original.
You need metal parts 3mm bowden and i also recommend a new bowden tube

Do you mean a Ultimaker bowden tube? Will it fit?

Yes, but better if you get a new one, it's cheap.

Would this mount also fit a UM2?

I wanna know the same thing

The aluminum heater block is the same as the Ultimaker Original?

It is designed to fit the original heating resistor but the aluminium heater block is from e3d, however, left fan melt a bit and it should be redesigned. I can not do it right now if someone does would be appreciatte...

Can anyone tell me where I can find the X and Y carriages in these photos? Thanks.

Here in thingiverse, look for ultimaker xy blocks

can you make one for the duel extruder

I upload stl file for mount clip and new resized files for the fans. sldprt file is on youmagine.

Please add here stl file for mount clip!

Do you have the .sldprt files for the other parts my printer has 8mm bearings on the cross rods. I am also looking to add a prox sensor