by PP3DP Sep 3, 2010
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Cool in the photo there is chinese(YAY MY LANGUAGE)

loved printing this it printed very well on Cetus 3d printer in pla

hi what printer is that

I can't see the website it just says 404 not found

Can this be printed in PLA using PLA as support material? I'm new to this and haven't used ABS or support material yet.

Yes you can, Support material is made by your slicer program to come off ones finished so it wont be melted together

I think I'm the only make that scaled it

I'd like to remix this into a Hungarian Rings Puzzle, if you don't. :D

Can anyone post on how well the parts move relative to each other after printing?

Comments deleted.

Hi all, I would like to download this model - how can I do that?

Hmm, I don't see any support material on it, I tried it and drooped quite a bit, the print broke halfway through so I didn't get to test it...

Printed it on my UP! Plus 2 , took 1 1/2 hours ... raft cleaned and rolling free within 4 mins ... very good work

such an awesome print :) just did one with cura, its awesome!

I like the idea of printing moving parts as one object. I printed the file on my T-O-M using raft and support. I intended to turn off all the raft layers ,but somehow the raft still printed. This was my first experiment with support. It came out pretty well, though 1 of the balls broke free during printing, so I removed the damaged ball mid-print. It moves pretty freely even with 1 missing ball. There is a little support nub left on some balls which causes it to get stuck when rotating...a little better clean up would fix that.

Good model, had a few errors but easily fixed in Netfabb. Printed well and only took 20 minutes to clean up :) Spins very freely.

(Printed on a BFB Rapman 3.1.1)

Anyone else having trouble with the STL file for this object? When I click on 'download', my computer's display fills with characters instead of asking what to do with the file. Other thingiverse STL files download fine. DONT_KNOW

Hi Antona, now the download problem has been solved, you can try it again. ;)

I was also having that problem but it seems to be working now.. Thanks!

does anyone have any videos of this kind of part being produced? i am having a hard time believing some of the images that i have seen were made with abs support layers. i think it looks like an awesome printer but most of the items that i have seen look like dimension prints.

how long did it take to get that cleaned up?

Indeed it is printed by our UP! printer. It takes me about half an hour to clean the support up.

gt; It takes me about half an hour to clean the support up.

On youtube, the comments says about 3 minutes clean-up time.. Is it 30 or 3 minutes?

i see images like this from your website


similar to good makerbot prints

and then images of this bearing where there are no visible layers. and support material had to have been used on this print (but i could be wrong)

The picture on the website is deceptive - the extruder is about 25% of the size of a MakerBot extruder, The UP printer is significantly smoother than the MakerBot, it is running on linear bearings which causes a huge improvement in the print quality. (I have both printers on the table in my work space and have been able to print several objects on both printers.)

what type of printer is that in the first picture?!? where are the plans or where can I buy one?!?! it's awesome!

Ah, found it on your website.... Tisk Tisk no linux support, what a shame........

or mac support.. and its too expensive.

I have a UP printer - it prints perfectly form my mac with windows on parallels. however the print quality is significantly better than any Makerbot I have seen so far, including my own. :-)

"Prints from my Mac with Windows on Parallels"... That's like saying your Ferrari works fine - now that you've swapped it for a Yugo. Somehow the point's been missed.

:-) No I did not miss that point. just saying its possible... While I don't like Windows one bit, Im not sure it can directly be compred to a Yugo vs Ferrari ?

my point on price is this has got fewer parts on it and should cost less to manufacture and sell, regardless of the print quality.

the reason its expensive isbecause theres no competityion yet. I bet they will eventually get to the point you can buy one at staples for 100 bucks.

I think the makerbot is also capable of getting pretty close in quality, just takes lots of skeinforge tuning.

the other thing i dont like is when
something breaks, you are kindof hosed right now.


Part count, while important in production is NOT the only thing driving cost. Using linear bearings is, comparatively, more expensive (the degree to which is dependent on the quality used).

Cost is high partly due to competition but mostly due to value add. A Makerbot might be able to get close
in quality - but with this guy you will not take "lots of skeinforge tuning." Remember, you can't make money (that is, be sustainable) if you price on cost - price on value and you'll go further.

I, for one, am excited for the day when a desktop RP machine costs as much as an inkjet printer (sub $
250 - cheap ones/low quality being $100 or less). But, for that to happen, some of the arbitrary constraints need to be removed (e.g. use of very limited tools). If the community accepted the use of modern tools as a way to cost down/cost optimize - then you'll see prices fall as printers had. Hopef
ully, they'll be given away for free one day :p

its not too expensive if it can really print like that

A stepper extruder and a 0.25mm hot end for your makerbot would probably still be a lot cheaper...


Is this printed in one pass and it is still movable?

Do you recommend using a lubricant or is the plastics slippery enough on there own?

What size will the printed bearing have?

Yeah, it is printed in one pass and still movable.

We don't use lubricant, as long as you clean up the support the plastics will be slippery enough on its own. Especially clean up the balls.

The printed bearing size is 71.98 x 71.96 x 15.02mm, you can see the detailed file information in the big picture. :)