3D Printed Flexible Tie

by Pehrsona Nov 16, 2019
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I dare anyone to take this into a meeting

On reddit you meantioned a v2. Have you a chance to work on that? Thanks! I'm excited to print another one, just didn't want to if v2 was close.

Ya sorry for the wait. Hopefully the v2 will be done soon, I'm making a lot of changes so it's taking longer than I thought. If you're going to print another now I believe Billharps made a fix for the clips and also made varying sizes. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4093222)

3D Printed Flexible Tie - modified

Forgot to say thanks!

sorry for my english - google translator :)
i modified the model: I increased the gap from 0.5mm to 1mm (in fusion 360 - thx for model)

Print: open part of the connectors are ON THE BED (with nozzle 0.4 - no problem)
nozzle 0.4mm

Parts do not connect from the top, but from the side
So the idea is: beveled edges to the side

Would you be willing to share your design? I am interested to see it!

see picture :)
1) I increased the gap from 0.5mm to 1mm
2) beveled edges to the side
it connects better :)

Sorry, I meant if you were willing to share the STL, that would be super cool. I'll post my make a bit later, but there were some issues, and connecting was harder than I thought it would be.

If you are willing to post a make I would love to see how the finished print worked out for you. :)

ok, i will send all on sunday (photo, fusion model, STL)
maybe sooner

we made it earlier

@Pehrsona, I can delete my version tie if you want

3D Printed Flexible Tie - modified
Comments deleted.

Good but the clips need work. They can’t be any wider than the slot they need to slide through and the clips should be in an unbent, natural position when the two parts are connected. I love the design though and I can’t wait to print a correct version in black. I hoped to wear this to my additive manufacturing final presentation but oh well.

What I meant was the other way around. I had designed it to print the way you have it so the connector will print better like that but I found that the connector has too small of a surface area with the print bed and kept coming off.

Will those overhangs print ok without supports? My worry would be that they sag.

Ya, they sag a bit but they are still functional. I do hope to design a better connection system later.

I had the same thought but they print pretty well without supports.

I'm not sure what it means when you say "the open pieces of the connector facing up"....

It's pretty wide, does anyone know if the chain link still works fine when scaled?

I haven't tried but I think as long as you don't scale it too small it would work.

Thanks. What material did you print it in? I'm finding PLA hard to snap together without breaking.

I used PLA and ya it snapped a couple of times for me. I just tried to be careful with it and found that snapping it together top-down and not at an angle helped prevent pieces from bending. This was just designed in one day and I’m hoping to do a version 2 with some of the feedback I've been getting.

Cool, it's a neat design so that would be great.

The clips are a good design but I think the catch is a little long so it has to bend a tiny bit too far to clip in.

Thank you for the input! Its added to the list of stuff to fix. I'll Hopefully post a V2 in like 3 weeks when I get free time.

Great work! I will definitely try this out.

I know what I am gonna print for Christmas dinner :)

And if you spill gravy on it you can just print another!