Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Printrbot Simple Metal with Dual Extruder MOD

by lukewin8 Jul 17, 2014
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That seems just perfect, this is a sturdy printer.
I would like to make this but using bowden, 1405 coulnt take that weight. The only thing I am afraid is the shared heat, doesnt those 2 heat too much?

What revision Printrboard were you using? I have a Rev F Printrboard and the add on board is marked as a Rev D. Do you know if the two are compatible?

Also how powerful is your power supply?

Very cool... I can believe the metal simple Y arm can "handle" the weight, but what about sag? did you just have to level/tune it that much more and create a small slant coming forward to compensate, or did your autolevel probe actually manage to do it automatically? (my autolevel is nowhere near sensitive enough. I have to manually tune it with screws/springs)

I currently have a Printrbot Simple 1405, and I've been looking for a way to use two extruders for awhile now. Would a design like this put too much strain on the wooden frame? I wonder because this would be essentially doubling the weight of the print mechanism, but exerting considerably more than double the force on the Z-Axis rods since the other print head would be further from them.

If you do this mod it will work, best part is its all doable from the 1405, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:575393

Printrbot Simple 1405 "TRI ROD MOD" with or without XL tower upgrade (first 1405 XL tower)

i have the 1405 as well and i can say with out a doubt that it would put way to much strain on the zip ties and i would not recommend trying it on a wooden printer

Hi yes it is about a inch away from the other. you will need to set up a offset from each other etc but you can find videos on youtube from printrbot on how to do this.
You could do this side ways and but i didn't want to lose the fan. But i think either way if you want to keep a direct drive extruder your going to lose this much. You would have to use a bowden extruder to get them closer.

SWEET! I'm getting a metal simple this week, and I've been wanting to do dual extrusion real bad. I'm a little confused about one thing: How do you accommodate for the y axis? I mean, the second head is about an inch and a half further from the first head, do you lose 1" of build space? Does the firmware know where that second head is automatically? Any special calibration?

I'd love to see pictures of your alu plate or even a file that can be used for laser cutting/cnc routing my own plate. I have everything to do this mod except for the aluminum plate, the ebay link you provided doesn't ship to the states either. Also I have tried hooking up the extrudrboard and for some reason can't manually heat up the 2nd extruder, it just doesn't get hott the temp stays the same. I can't test the motor because it says cold extrusion prevented.

i would love to see that and maybe even give it a try. Thank you for your info.

What kind of changes need to be made to the firm ware and would this work on the 1405 ? Thank you

Hi the latest printrbot firmware will have LCD and Extruder board programmed into it. It will just be a case of plugging in the extra board in to EXP 1 port. If you are using Repetier host you will see along the bottom bar extruder 1 to 3 + bed. This will indicate that you have the firmware to use upto 3 extruders. If you don't then printrbot has a very helpful guide on the website on how to do this.

I have build a 1405 and used a Printrbot simple 2013. I find the Y axe is not strong enough to hold the weight although the 1405 is a stronger design but probably still not enough and you would end up with sag on the Y plate. Your best option I think would be to design a Bowden extruder which I have done before and will upload.

could any one provide a prefabricated mounting plate?