The Mandalorian Miniature

by Velrock Nov 20, 2019
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New version of the Mando is up https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4090736

The Mandalorian (with upgraded Beskar armor) Miniature
by Velrock

Hi, would you be so nice to include a model with the full Beskar armour? It would look great! I've added a picture as example

The Mandalorian (with upgraded Beskar armor) Miniature
by Velrock

That is absolutely awesome!!
Exactly how I imagined it. First I tried making my own version in Meshmixer but yours definitely looks better haha. I did manage to make quite a decent version with beskar from a bust i found online. But the figure looks way cooler, thanks a lot!!

Great model, ty
I just lengthened the model to a more human proportion.

Solid file works great ,just added a raft and theres the base Ty

Has anybody else been having difficulty getting mandoblasterbase.stl to print correctly? Despite my slicer showing a good setup, his left arm comes out displaced by 5mm at the elbow every single time. I also see a lot more stringing on this one than normal, probably linked to all the openings in the shell.

Meshmixer shows a big list of cracks and openings that I can't find an elegant way to fix without the original design too.

Overall I love the design and would love to see it print smoothly but really am struggling. I'd also really like to be able to reliably scale this one up to at least 200%. Anybody got any suggestions?

The file titled "mandoblastersolid" has no shells

I've tried the solid version as well and it keeps messing up his left arm. What am I missing?

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+1 for a solid version - having a tough time with the shells. Thanks much - great model!

The file titled "mandoblastersolid" has no shells

oops! I clearly missed, that - thank you! printing now! YAY

Just got an Ender 3 for Christmas and would love to print this, can anyone provide the cura settings to prints this. Thank you.

Once you get your printer dialed in, use the Fat Dragon Games Cura 4.4 0.1mm profile. Works great!


Unbelievable... How many days you've spent making this masterpiece?

Doesn't take too long, I don't keep track :P

Im also haveing troubles printing it due to it being bunch of small separate parts. Simplify3D creates supports for helmet for example like if it floating in the air and bunch of unneeded supports for other parts. Cant open in 3d max, it cant handle import. Can you please make merged versions?

The file titled "mandoblastersolid" has no shells

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I printed him, nice work! He seems a bit small for Imperial Assault so I may scale him up to 105% and see. Also need to work on my PetG blobs and strings :)

I'm using him for Legion and I did have to scale it up just a bit to 35mm scale, believe it's naturally in 28mm scale

Yeah, my gaming group thinks he's actually a short-ish character so I'll use the original version.

Did you printed it at 105%? Is it better for IA?

Yep, though I'm not sure it makes much of a difference now. I've kind-of grown fond of the original because he's a bit on the small side. :)

Is this Star Wars Legion scale? Im printing it regardless, I just want to know.

This model is great! I'm just finishing a 57 hour 100mm print at .06 layer height and will wake up tomorrow like it's Christmas morning to "unwrap" the supports. Are you able to break out individual armor and weapons into .stl files? I'd love to print the rifle again separately. Thanks for the great work!

Great model.. unfortunately its not solid. Any attempts to fix it in multiple programs degrade quality or just fully crash the program.. too bad if realized this after trying to print it at 300% and have holes all over the place and very brittle due to thin shells all over the place where hollows randomly are within the model from the body within it leaving voids as compared to shells around it that created his armor.

What software are you using to cut? Mattercontrol is having an issue similar to this youtube video to print https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHKXXLI0vgQ

The separate pieces shouldn't make a difference. I make all my models this way so that people can remove pieces if they so choose. I always run my models through my slicer to make sure there are no issues, and I've had people send me images of the model printed with no problems. I'm not sure what program you are using, sorry I can't help :(

What software are you using to cut? Mattercontrol is having an issue similar to this youtube video to print https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHKXXLI0vgQ

I'm forced to use Chitubox too (resin printing), and that software has bugs. However...

I opened "mandoblaster" in 3DSMax and Chitubox and it looks fine in both programs. I even ran "STL Check" on some of the parts and there were no holes. They do look like solid chunks.

I opened "mandoriflelow" in both programs and that one has some fucked-up geometry.

I opened "mandorifle" and that seems fine.

Someone requested I print this thing in resin, so I'll do that when the weather allows (it's too cold right now :/ ). I won't make any modifications, to see if it'll print as is.

as can see once correct, model is solid throughout, and only a 14 mb stl even at the high resolution. Most of your files 102 mb size is due to the extensive internal faces and excess information needed.

The internal faces shouldn't cause issues in most slicers, perhaps there is a setting that turned on that causes problems? It makes it very easy for people to remove and/or replace pieces when I leave the model like this (Even though it makes it absurdly large). If you look at my older files, I used to merge the meshes to make it one solid object, but after some feedback, people liked when I left the objects separate :). I understand what you are saying, but there shouldn't have been an issue when slicing the original. I just want to figure out what went wrong.

Not sure exactly.. just everywhere where the seperates parts met the main body.. a hole resulted where the shells created ultra thin layers. My stuff is all up to date, so maybe its a weird glitch how its exporting as a single stl file. I have seen it done your way in the past and never had an issue with it except this set of models.

I have a friend do my printing for me since my printer is broken, and this has happened to him before. I can't remember what he did to fix it, but I swore it was an update. I guess as long as you got it to work in the end it doesn't matter much. So long as others don't experience the problem as well

That image is from Chitubox in xray veiw to show the internal structure thats causing errors. FDM slicers may not see the issues, but both chitubox and z-suite show it highly once i looked into it. Proximity of the internal for made the wrists so thin they break with the lightest touch, holes where armor plates meet the arm near elbows, hole in chest. I have a friend repairing it in zbrush to omit those internal bodies.

There might be an issue with the program you are using, perhaps out of date? I haven't had anyone else contact me about it. The pieces you are saying that are having issues are solid pieces laying on top of other solid pieces. I do want to figure this out, because if there really is an issue with the model, I'd like to fix it ASAP.

Nothing wrong with anyone's program. Just a lack of understanding on your part. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHKXXLI0vgQ

Chitubox and Creation Workshop have no issues with it. I think Simplify3D should change their name to Complicate3D

The reason I leave them separate is because people have contacted me saying they prefer it this way to easily customize it for their own purposes

I customize action figures and always try to make stuff removable/interchangeable, so it makes me happy to see some people use the same philosophy for 3D modeling. :)

Chris Frieze was able to solve it by just seperating out "part 31" for me.. essentially the external shell as a whole. (Although the scaling was changed during editing so its a lil bigger than a "miniature" lol)

Do you have any of the other Mando ones done like this?

Has anyone printed this yet? I'm trying to print the rifle model and I'm not sure what setting to use

Wow that is a nice figure :)
It is shame that we are not allowed to remix it.
I really want to try.
But it is understandable

You can, I am used to setting it as non-commercial non-derivative, but it's not my design :). I fixed it

I was telling me friend I wanted to paint this guy and here you have provided him! Thanks!