Tesla Cyber Truck Fan Model

by aaskedall Nov 22, 2019
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Great job here! Any chance you can make a version with the driver side window smashed?

Any chance you could provide a source file for this? I'd like to modify it and scale it for a 1:10 RC truck.

I would give full credit in anything I upload

Sorry for the dumb question...I printed out the body, the axel and the wheels, but how should I attach the wheels to the axels? Model Glue?

Thank you! Great design!

Blue Tack or model glue works if it isn't a press fit. Thanks for printing.

printed on creality 3 /cura and stock settings -
Printed Real nice - Looks Good

Did you need to generate any supports for it?

No supports needed.

The "quick sculpt" bit tickled the hell out of me! You probably took more time drafting this up than Tesla's design team did XD

Any chance you lift it up? There should be a but higher on suspension...

Any chance we can get a lid cover for the open bed version, nothing fancy just one that can be placed back in place. I'd do it my self but I don't think I could do it as well. Also, awesome job on this, I'm trying to make this for a gift and its just perfect for him so either way thank you very much.

I'm remixing your model into an RC Truck body (hollow, thin walls, etc.) I'll post it in the next few weeks. Great job on the initial model!!!

Are you going to have it tow a RC F150 behind it? :)

moose, maybe I'll tow a REAL F150 behind it HAHAH

lol fair enough. Can't wait. :)

Cool! i did an initial shell so maybe that will help above

I think yours was thicker (which in some cases might be better), but I made the turn signals, head light and tail light open for lights. :) I might post the remix (if you're OK with that) sometime after I confirm printability.

This is super cool! Sorry, I am new to the community. Can you export this as a .gltf model so I could use in Virtual or Augmented Reality?


you are fast !

but this car is so unbelievable ugly.....
I can not believe it was really presented that way

excellent! would be willing to publish a STEP file of the design? would be great to shell + add motor, leds, etc. :-)

That would be brilliant!!

Comments deleted.

Thanks for commenting! I did the design in blender so it's all mesh :(

Blender FTW! LOL! I love blender, I'm trying to force myself to learn Fusion 360, but I just can't make it happen. Maybe for 2020.

How did you replicate the smashed windows? ;)

Print it out, shoot it with a BB gun.

Cool! Don't suppose you could separate the colors into STLs for us dual extruder/MMU types, could you?

I could do that. Not sure the timing of it yet.

I too would like this as an mmu ready print!