Suburbia Collector's Edition Replacement Tower

by PatrickIsMe Nov 23, 2019
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The Fancy Tower STL file keeps telling me its an invalid file. I am unable to open it and would love to print this one, vs. the standard. Is anyone else having issues? I have downloaded multiple times now and it's the same issue each time. All other files open just fine.

Use this guy's he fixed some issues I had on the fancy tower. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4002919

Suburbia CE Fancy Tower Manifold Fix
by Ghukek

Thanks! Taking a look. For some reason it does not show up when I search for Suburbia on the site, so I totally missed this one. Will the window sheath fit inside of it, seeing as they resized it a hair?

Yes it should, I think he resized the holes that latch onto the gamytraz, not the circumferance of the tower. I actually created it, but slicers were treating the tower and the decor as 2 seperate objects, and this user fixed it. I actually deleted my fancy tower .stl and wanted to include his bundled in there instead, but he told me not to, so you can just grab it from taht link.

Hello, Patrick! Great idea, I really love it.

I just finished printing the Fancy Tower and I'll start printing the window sheath and the helipad plate. I was wondering if i'll need to glue them into the tower or do they fit snuggly enough that they won't fall out even without glue. Thanks again for sharing this!

They should both friction fit, no glue needed. The helipad might be a little loose in there, so I personally did put a drop or 2 of superglue to hold it in place.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try just like you did it.


This is a great model it printed out perfect on my MK3s but it does not fit in the box well. There is a pertruding slot that is meant to fit in the cutouts on the cardboard orginal that raise yours up putting stress on the model from the 15 player tiles. I have the super edition that stacks the 15 other player boards on top of this in the box. I can fix it easy in solidworks if you have the source file? I dont need it but it would be quick and easy. Also i am finishing my MMU2S Enclosure soon and can create a multicolored file to print if wanted.


I only have the 5 player edition so things may fit in the box a little differently, sorry to hear it does not fit correctly in your version, I can message you over the original file.

Again Great design on this model no reason to be sorry. The locals at the game store also think so. Here is the corrected file for the Super Collector's Edition with the gamztray stock inserts. This should also fit the non super box too. I Recreated the file in solid works from Patrick's Build with holes in the window section that fit perfect in my Super Collector's Edition box if needed. I will post here. If anyone has a better thought on the look let me know. I will also have a Multi-color file if interested. Not really needed the way it was designed by Patrick but no gluing needed. I used it for testing my new MMU2 skills.

Hi Patrick, thanks so much for taking the time to look at it/reply! I've attached two pics from my slicer (Craftware) showing what's happening on the Standard Tower and Plain Tower compared to the Fancy Tower.

That is strange, I have no idea what is happening there, it looks like the slicer is ignoring pieces of the object. I sometimes get that problem when a stl has very thin areas. My only suggestion is to try some different settings in the slicer?

Are you using a standard .4mm nozzle? If you are using a larger one or printing in vase mode that may have something to do with it. I am sorry I am not at all familiar with Craftware, and all these are just educated guesses.

Edit: I downloaded craftware and have no idea what the software is doing when it slices the object, I will play with it some and see if I can fix it. In the mean time Cura is free and it does the job if you want to try another slicer.

Yes, I'm using a .4mm nozzle and not printing in vase mode. I've downloaded Cura and am trying to figure out all the new controls to see if that helps.

I'm not sure if it's related to the issue Craftware is having slicing, but I was trying to see if maybe I could just split the models and put the Fancy Tower bottom on the Standard Tower, but when I opened the Standard Tower (in Autodesk 123D and TinkerCad), it's seeing the walls as having "splits" in them, like they are made up of different pieces. And one of the bars in the windows is reading oddly as well.

I think the files just hate me because I was trying to do stuff on a last minute deadline. They're sensing my stress . lol And thanks again for working on this, it's really cool that you're taking the time to do so and reply!

Edited to add - I think I found all the settings I was looking for in Cura. And I double-checked the gcode file in Craftware just to see, and it didn't have any weirdness showing there. So, fingers-crossed. :D

Hi Patrick, there seems to be something odd about the bottom (top when printed) of the standard tower. No matter what I do when I slice it, the back "leg" shows as a stack of totally separated pieces. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this until the print failed at that point and I was trying to see if I could reprint just that section and fit them together and it kept showing as the individual pieces in that area. I'm printing the bottom section of the Fancy Tower, since I saw a note saying what sounds like a similar issue was fixed on that one.

I also did a quick check, and it looks like the plain tower is doing the same thing.

Other than that, the tower itself looks great. :)

Can you show me a screen shot of the problem in the slicer. I can not replicate the issue you are having in Cura. The bricks on the fancy tower were originally being treated as separate objects, but I did fix that and put the corrected stl up, but this does not sound like the issue you are having.

Looks neat, Also makes it a lot sturdier, I imagine. Any chance on redoing the start player marker too? That doesn't seem as well printed as I thought it was (and doesn't really look like a building imo)

Excellent tower! I also used an Ender-3, and printed the Fancy tower (didn't print the helipad plate or sheath, though). I also noticed it's a tad snug on the base; the second time I tried clipping it to the market tray, the bottom left side clip cracked. Not a big deal enough to reprint, but maybe increasing the scale by 1-2% might alleviate the tension. However, scaling the size might cause the tower not to seat properly into the tray (there are raised tower guides in the tray).

Thnak you. Been looking for a better tower. Can you provide a link or add a least of picture of the type of light you have put inside it please?

You can use the light that came with the edition. I used this, just search small led on Amazon, there are a lot of choices.

Thank you! This is something I had in my mind to try to design as soon as I received my copy, but I hadn't done it better! Does it still fit the space for storage in the insert?

yes it takes up the exact same space

This looks great, in the process of printing now...but might be a dumb question...how are you lighting this up?

I will mention something in the description, but I purchased a small LED light with adhesive, stuck it to one of the extra tile shapes. When I play I just turn it on and put it on top of the stack of tiles in the tower. Works well, and it also gives you a little bit of an idea of how many tiles are left as the game progresses..

Wow, this is totally awesome! Fantastic job on this. Everything printed perfect. All the parts fit together snugly and it just looks awesome! Love the detail of the window insert and the end piece for the helipad.This looks so good, I want to keep it lighted and use it for the first player tower, it looks so much better than the one that came with the game and it's light years ahead of the cardboard tile tower it's meant to replace. Thank you for sharing this with the community!!!!!

Hi. Thank you for posting your great design. I wonder how you print the fancy tower, because if it is the ceiling in the bed, you need support for the hexagonal part (the ceiling with the H), right? And support for window holes? How can I separate the hexagon with H from the rest?
I don't know if I'm wrong with this. Can you explain in details, please? Thanks! (Sorry if my english is bad)

I print it upside down; or rotated 180 degrees on the X or Y axis. You can do this in your slicer.

The window holes shouldn't need support if you have your printer calibrated properly. I printed with no support. See images.

I checked here a couple days ago to see if anybody made one, but I searched for "tile tower", consider adding that as a tag. I made my own but maybe I won't finish it since yours is pretty good.

Done. Thank you.

looks great!
Some minor feedback:
The bricks on "fancy" aren't attached to the main model so simplify3d slides them as separate bodies. They end up close enough that they stick but have their own shells.

I printed the inner piece in vase mode on simplify3d and it came out great. Likewise the fitment worked out well. just slightly loose between the pieces.

I have been teaching myself blender, I did add the details onto the walls separately then exported a STL, I did not even consider it would not export as one object. I will look at some tutorials and fix and re-upload it. Thank you for the info!

I think Vase Mode would make it fit a little loose. I tried to make the window sheath 2 layers thick if you are using a .4 nozzle. I thought 2 layers diffused the light well and had decent rigidity.

Patrick, use Blender's boolean modifier and 3D print toolbox. Use the boolean modifier to combine Blender objects. Use the 3D print toolbox to check for non-manifold and bad contig. edges. Export through the 3D print toolbox so that you're only exporting one Blender object at a time.

Blender is an incredibly powerful tool, great piece to use. The only problem with boolean is that it has trouble combining perfectly overlapping edges. All you have to do then is resize one of your objects by .999 or 1.0001 and you'll get effectively the same results and the boolean tool will be able to work properly. It's a bit of a hack but easier than other methods.

I fixed the non-manifold parts. I really like the fancy-tower now to test print it.

This is perfect. Thank you!

Thanks, I appreciate the praise!

Thank you for this!!! Was wanting to make one for my game since the cardboard one is less than desirable. Gonna print this tonight.

Let me know how it goes. My print fit over the tabs of the mold pretty snug, I was curious if there was a little difference in size from one insert to the next.